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Co-Blogging Platform for East African Christian Authors


Find a community of like minded people who are using their writing calling to advance the Kingdom of God. 




Work with CLC Kenya and with other Christian authors to complete writing projects or tasks and develop ideas to reach more readers. 

Creative Space


Find inspiration in a creative space to sharpen your writing skills and develop your calling through writing. 

About Co-Blogging

More Reach, More Kingdom Impact

Co-blogging by CLC Kenya is a platform for Christian authors from East Africa to create collaborative and complimentary content. This is towards advancing the message of contributing authors’ books to impact more readers.

Bloggers could be writing for multiple topics where they each have their expertise or on collaborative and thematic topics.

Our goal? To make Christian literature available so readers may come to faith and maturity in our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Amenities and Facilities

Why Co-Blogging is an added advantage for East African Christian authors. 

Free Themes

There is a wide choice of free themes to choose from. This allows us to create a beautiful web page for you that stands apart from the crowd.

Backend Support

Managing your own blog site comes with a bit of a learning curve. We provide the backend support including backups, performance, updates and security. 

Easy Setup

Quick and easy setup, since CLC Kenya hosts your blog site at African Authors website. Your blog ID will appear as

Accountability Structure

Once you set up blogging goals i.e once a week, we follow you up to ensure consistency and discipline to post at the set timelines. 

Wider Reach

We share your blog post on social media once a month to ensure a wider reach. 

Accessible Pricing

We charge a monthly subscription fee from Kes 1,000 per month for a minimum of 4 posts to cover hosting, proofreading, posting and sharing on social media. 


We provide relevant training for you to succeed in your book projects.



Open to the Public, Free

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Find how to use your blog to:

1. Expand your network 2. Build useful skills 3. Spread awareness of your book’s message 4. Improve your writing skills 5. Become influential. 



Members Only

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Inspiration and review from renown and established bloggers in order to improve your blog and increase your reach. 



Members Only

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Learn how to use the feedback from your readers to improve your blog site, skills and style. You can also use this to write your next book. 

Find Your Space

Pricing Plans





4 posts per month

Proofreading of all articles

Boosted social media sharing once a month

Optional theme change once per year

Easy set up

Backend support





8 posts per month

Proofreading of all articles

Boosted social media sharing twice a month

Optional theme change twice per year

Easy set up Backend support





12 posts per month

Proofreading of all articles

Boosted social media sharing thrice a month

Optional theme change thrice per year

Easy set up Backend support


An East African Christian Authors Co-Blogging space for self-published authors, traditionally published authors and aspiring writers. 

We are Growing





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