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Each book is judged by one skilled in their profession as examples of great reads from East Africa. You can submit your book at African Christian Authors Book Award and get a chance to attract hundreds of readers and partners from around the world including publishers, book program developers, book agencies and other stakeholders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Submission & Fees

In line with our mission statement, to make Christian literature available to all nations so that people may come to faith and maturity in our Lord Jesus Christ, we accept all Christian books written by Christians. Read more about our faith statement in the program rules. Thank you for your understanding.
The Award Program requires two steps to complete the submission successfully. The first step is registration to enable you to have an account where you can reset password in the future if the need arises. The second step is for you to submit your book. If you need to submit a second book under a different category, log in (do not register again) and make the submission.
Approval is guaranteed if your submission meets all the requirements. We are very careful to share only quality Christian books with editorial excellence and superior designs.
No, there is a subsidized fee prior to submission at Kes 2,000 if you submit independently and Kes 1,000 if you belong to one of our partners' writers clubs, authors groups and publishing houses.
Yes. However, the system auto deletes all incomplete submissions after 14 days. If this happens, you can make the submission afresh.
If in Nairobi: send a rider to deliver the books at Adams Arcade, Ngong Road. Contact the Award Program secretary Jackline Ingasian +254 707 463007 for pin to location and logistical support. If in upcountry, Uganda and Tanzania: send via bus, shuttle or relevant logistics companies (i.e G4S) and address the package to Paul Macharia. CLC Kenya. Nairobi. +254 750 649394. Contact Paul for logistical support.
We advise that you take your time to finish writing the book and publish it well, the Award Program is scheduled to happen every year and you can submit in the year when you get published. We run writing classes and also facilitation of self-publishing.
Self-published by partner means you belong to one of our partners' writers clubs, authors groups or publishing houses. You can also make submission independently without belonging to any group.
Yes, you can submit as many books as you can in different categories i.e you cannot submit two books in the same category.
No. Please pick only one category that your book fits better. If you pick more than one categories, the Award Program team will select a category on your behalf at their discretion.
No, the submission fee is a one-off non-refundable fee and is no guarantee to be awarded.
Yes. Please reach out to the Award Program's secretary, Jackline Ingasian on phone or WhatsApp +254 707 463007 for assistance.
Reach out to the Award Program secretary, Jackline Ingasian on +254 707 463007 for guidance on how to make payment through a participating partner in your country or to get an alternative payment option.
No. After the judges have read through the books to complete the judging process, the copies will be entered in the Award Program library.

Request for Reviews & Judging Process

You will receive your nominee website page link from the Award Program's secretary. Send it to your family, friends and readers for reviews
Reviews don't just make your book more enticing to potential readers, but they also influence how often your book is shown to readers online. The reviews are sent from your nominee page directly to your email. We will also compile the reviews for you as a souvenir to encourage you in the future.
No, the system will classify all those reviews as one. The reviews are approved and effective when they come from different people - because they act as testimonials of the impact of your book to the readers.
The purpose of the Award Program is to celebrate quality in Christian authorship. There are 12 reputable judges reading the books and grading them against a pre-determined judging criteria (click here to view the judges and the criteria). There will be 5 finalists in each category and only 10 overall winners. All nominees will receive feedback on areas to improve in order to bring their books to higher standards.
Yes (if there will be no Covid-19 restrictions in place in November 2021). If there will be restrictions, the Awards Ceremony will be hosted virtually.
The submission period will run for 10 months from November 2020 to August 2021 of the following year. In September – October 2021 judges will finalize on the judging process and compilation of grading and comments. Winners per category will be announced and awarded at the ACABA Gala held at CLC Kenya’s Family Reading Picnic in November 2021.

Awards & Other Prizes

The overall 4 winners will get book-centric packages from partnering stakeholders in the book industry.
The 10 winners (one each category, unless there is a tie) will get ACABA plaque to make you and your title more visible. This is aimed at enabling you attract new readers, investors and validate/endorse your book to have met pre-determined publishing standards.
All participating nominees will receive (i) Feedback to improve on their book projects (ii) Author-centric gift hampers (iii) Marketing of the authors and their books to up to 10,000 audience on email and social media marketing (iv) A platform to fellowship and network with people of like mind.
The purpose of the Award Program is to improve the quality of Christian authorship in East Africa. Training is a central strategy towards achieving this.

Hosted by a Partner

Your book and profile will be showcased during the judging period


  • 1 book submission per category
  • 24 hours approval guarantee
  • Listing guarantee in the active year
  • Book and author publicity on social media

Hosted Independently

Your book and profile will be showcased during the judging period


  • 1 book submission per category
  • 24 hours approval guarantee
  • Listing guarantee in the active year
  • Book and author publicity on social media
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