Muthoni Omukhango is a Publisher, Kingdom Business Developer, Authors Manager, Author, Blogger and Minister of the Gospel. Her passion burns the core of who and what she is. This passion was in Finance, Accounting and Business Consultancy for many years (and it was great while it lasted). However, books are her first love though she was blind to it for a long time.
She joined CLC Kenya, a Christian Missions organization dealing in books, Bibles, Publishing, Print on Demand and Missions work in 2009. She took a career break in 2013 to care for her (then) young family and pursue Finance.

While that was going very well, God was calling her back to pastoral five-fold work. She knew she did not want to work in a church (not that there is anything wrong with that – just her personal preference). When the fog in her eyes cleared, it finally dawned on her – she saw CLC Kenya for what it really was! The church (not the way she had envisioned) but church nevertheless.

That’s where she works tirelessly, fulfilling her call as a humble shepherd of God’s people (self-published authors, pastors empowerment, women, youths, teens – the community at large really!)

She started writing her books eight years ago, mostly from her life’s experiences. Back On My Feet, the How To Manual for Single Parents is based on her short stint as a single mother to her now-18-year old daughter Abiah. From it, she started a program ministering to hundreds of single parents and couple parents every month.

Another book is A Girl’s Fathers, highlighting the importance of biological, spiritual, professional and husband fathers in a girl’s life.

Another book is Jesus Killed My Business, But Gave Me His, taking the reader through her transition journey from a successful Lead Business Consultant to a full time minister of the Gospel.

Her final book, Too Busy To Work-Worship, Confessions of A Recovering Workaholic highlights her struggles in discovering the difference between work (as God intended) and toil (a curse from the fall of man).


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Publisher, Kingdom Business Developer, Authors Manager, Author, Blogger and Minister of the Gospel. BBM. MBS

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Muthoni Omukhango's Book Program - Back On My Feet

In this program, Muthoni Omukhango offers this much needed interruption by candidly considering the plight of single parenthood, while masterfully weaving personal experience with research and the encounters of others, in order to shine a light of hope. This work brings with it a beautiful blend of spiritual and psychosocial counsel, formidable keys in breaking free from the enemy’s hold. The book is both a wide sweep and deep dive of the subject matter (single parenthood), while ‘keeping it real’ to ensure the content is not reduced to meaningless theoretical jargon.