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Nominees Writing Journeys

Samuel Asena Mwinamo's Writing Journey

Life got in the way of my writing and for a long time I didn’t do much writing in the long form sense of a book. What I was left with is the sermons and articles as indicated above. Fast Forward to 2015 and I decided to start writing what ended up to be my first published book ‘Blessed to be a Blessing.’ By Mid 2016 I was done but I shelved the whole thing because the publishing process seemed to be too complicated for me. I went on to do many other things and also wrote two more books which are at various stages in the publishing process.

Muthoni Omukhango's Writing Journey

While that was going very well, God was calling her back to pastoral five-fold work. She knew she did not want to work in a church (not that there is anything wrong with that – just her personal preference). When the fog in her eyes cleared, it finally dawned on her – she saw CLC Kenya for what it really was! The church (not the way she had envisioned) but church nevertheless.
African Christian Authors

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