Book Cover of the Year – ACABA Awards 2021


Image of the girl’s eyes on the cover makes me want to read and know about the orphaned girl’s story immediately. It has an emotional appeal that resonates with the title.
Belonging book cover has an emotional appeal that resonates with the title.
The first impression of the book cover of “Belonging” displays a distinct visual style that stands out with a clear art direction. Attention to detail has been applied, therefore easily drawing the audience to read the book with ease. The cover design clearly tells the audience what the book is about and keeps true to the spirit of the book. The imagery is design friendly and balances well with the typography.
The colours of the book are inviting with the text well placed. Text hierarchy has been followed and the fonts complement the imagery. The font that is used in the word belonging is fitting for the title. The way in which the first letter “N” is displayed supporting the “G” gives a sense of acceptance, emphasizing on the meaning of belonging.
The cover is simple yet pleasant and easy on the eyes. It draws the audience to the subject at hand effortlessly. The colors applied are nature inspired (they are energetic and thought provoking giving a great impression) complementing the overall design of the book cover. The imagery displays a girl looking into the distance. Brown being used as the main colour brings to the book its sense of strength and reliability; evokes the feelings of loneliness, sadness and isolation as well as warmth, comfort and security. The main colour has been used on the main title and image to group them together and emphasize on the main theme of the book. The audience curiosity is piqued on the tale of the orphaned girl. The background colors do not overwhelm the typography. The imagery on the forefront supports the main title. There is a clear distinction with the text titles.
Overall it’s a book that is well displayed with undertones that capture and captivate its audience to read the book.

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