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The Young Category

**Children Category 0-12 years **Teens Category 13-19 years **Young Adult Category 20-35 years

Children 0-12 years

This award is for fiction and nonfiction material for audience ages 0-12 years to include children's picture and story books and non-fictional material for children.

Teens 13-19 years

This award is for nonfiction and fiction material for audience ages 13-19 to include YA-based works of nonfiction and YA-based works of fiction.

Young Adults 20-35 years

This award is for nonfiction and fiction material for audience ages 20-35 to include Youth based works of nonfiction and Youth based works of fiction.

The Family Category

**Marriage/Relationships Category **Parenting Category

Men and Women Category

**Men Category **Women Category

Business/Finance Category

**Business/Finance Category **Marketplace Ministries Category

Marketplace Ministries

Missions Category

**Evangelism/Apologetics Category **Biblical Studies Category **Missions/Global


Biblical Studies/Devotionals

This award is for material that is devotional in nature (daily and/or guided reading collections).


Church and Theology Category

**Church/Pastoral Leadership Category **Theology/Ethics Category


Christian Living Category

**Christian Living Category **Discipleship Category **Spiritual Formation Category


Culture Category

**Culture and the Arts Category **Poetry Category **Christian Fiction Category

Culture & the Arts

This award is for nonfiction material that is directed at the intersection of faith and culture & the arts.


This award is for text that uses rhythm and rhyme to evoke emotion and meaning and employs literary devices to maximize the impact of their words, applying emphasis and a satisfying quality to the poem as a whole.

History and Biography Category

**History Category **Biography/Memoir Category

Leadership Category

**Leadership Category **Politics Category **Public Life Category

Nominees of the Week

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Authors Support

ACABA through CLC Kenya Authors Collaboration seeks to provide writers and authors with the tools and resources needed to propel their book projects to international publishing standards. 

Author Website Development Kes 20,000 set up and Kes 5,000 pa

A website gives potential readers or clients a way to find your book or services. You might have a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn presence, but your website provides the authority you need. It’s your “home base” and ultimate marketing tool even if you don’t like marketing. 

Author Social Media Page Management Kes 1,000 set up and Kes 1,500 pm

Readers and fans follow authors on social media to learn interesting details about what makes them human. Fans on social media also seek community and conversation.

Author Blog Platform (from) Kes 1,000 pm

Authors need to blog because the longer you blog, the more valuable the content you produce and the larger you can make your following — all of which contributes to your credibility. This is critical especially for nonfiction authors. Readers need to view you as an expert in your field.

Audio books (from) Kes 50,000 per finished book

Audio is a rapidly growing segment in the digital publishing industry. Readers are opting to listen to audiobooks over reading because of convenience – they can listen to a book virtually anywhere, while doing anything from commuting to exercising to cleaning the house.

Podcast Set Up Kes 2,000 set up. (From) Kes 1,500 editing/hr and Kes 1,000 pm for uploading and management.

Podcasting allows authors to realize the benefits of presenting information in audio or visual format, and the clarity in the message is seen and felt through an author’s actions (on video) and the tone of his/her voice – all allowing the author to emphasize important points within the podcast session.

Author Videos Kes 7,500 per finished 10 minutes (shooting and editing - exclusive of travel expenses)

Video marketing isn’t just for big businesses but for author-entrepreneurs, too. If you have a book to sell, using videos can get you in front of so many more eyeballs than other marketing efforts. Yes, do a book giveaway on your website. Yes, pay to promote yourself on Facebook. But don’t overlook videos in your marketing plan.

Book Cover & Layout Design (from) Kes 11,000

Professional and catchy book cover and layout design instantly grabs the attention of your target audience and makes them take a second look. A well-designed book cover and layout tells the readers that the author is serious about the work and is a thorough professional.

Book Mockups (from) Kes 2,500 for 10 images

A very basic tool in book marketing that all writers need is the book mockup. A book mockup turns your cover into a 3D rendering or a full advertisement. A 3D rendering catches eyes and lets your readers picture themselves holding your book far more effectively than a standard 2D cover image would.

Animations Kes 30,000 per finished 60 seconds

Animation is important to authors because it enables them to tell stories and communicate emotions and ideas in a unique, easy-to-perceive way that both small children and adults can understand. Animation has helped connect people throughout the world in a way that sometimes writing and live-action films cannot.

Book Editing & Proofreading (from) Kes 16,000

When it comes to books, an editor is seen as a gatekeeper between the author and the audience. An editor has to take a dual sided point of view in order to keep both parties happy. Authors know their stories inside and out, and have had a strong personal relationship with their manuscript for months or sometimes years.

Without an editor, you won’t necessarily see those things are there, or you won’t think they need fixing. The editor is there to bring out the best in your work. Writers can’t help but fall in love with their own writing. … An editor will point out areas of text that could be rewritten to improve flow and cohesion.

ISBN Acquisition Kes 4,000

The ISBN helps your readers identify and order the exact book they want to purchase.

Libraries, bookstores, online retailers, distributors, and wholesalers depend on this unique identifier to track purchases and sales, and it will be necessary to apply for an ISBN if you intend to sell to them.

Book Copyright Facilitation Kes 5,000

Copyright law has a dual role. It provides exclusive rights to authors in order to protect their work for a limited period of time but it was also established to promote creativity and learning.

It makes easier for authors to make money selling their books, by preventing bookstores and other sellers from buying one copy of a book, making copies of the book, and then selling the copies to their customers.

Writing Classes (from) Kes 15,000

A writing mentorship class helps a writer by giving honest feedback. This constructive critique can improve your writing process and teach you new ways to approach your stories.

Self-Publishing (from) Kes 45,000

This includes comprehensive editing, proofreading, cover design, inside text layout, acquiring ISBN and facilitating copyrighting.

Print-On-Demand based on book size

This is a system or process whereby individual copies or small numbers of a text are printed to order, typically using digital technology.

Book Programs (Course)

Turn your book into a program. Get consultation, development of curriculum, hosting and mentorship.

Book Marketing & Distribution (Course)

For self published authors, book marketing and distribution can pose a challenge. Empower yourself with this course.

Authorpreneur (Course)

An authorpreneur is an entrepreneur that offers products and services that are based on their book(s). Join the club!

Author Stationery/Branding


Business Cards


Branded Packaging

Personalized Notebooks

Branded Pens

E-flyers & Brochures

Authors Training (Free)

Becoming an author takes more than a book idea. Booksellers and other ecommerce platforms only purchase books they think have potential to sell well. As a self-published author, you want to follow their lead. With the proper training, you can empower your book project in the same manner as a publisher would. 

Authors Inspiration (Free)

By regularly reading God’s word, we, as authors reorient our thinking so that we can grow in maturity (and our writing calling), which is part of the Christian calling (Ephesians 4:14–16; Romans 12:1–2).

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