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African Christian Authors Book Award (ACABA) program recognises, celebrates and promotes quality in Christian authorship in Africa

Our Mission

African Christian Authors Book Award (ACABA) is a non-monetary program that recognises, celebrates and promotes quality in Christian authorship in Africa

ACABA in Details

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the Award about?

The African Christian Authors Book Award (ACABA) by CLC Kenya is dedicated to recognising, celebrating, and promoting excellence in Christian literature across Africa. Since its inception in 2018 as Authors Collaboration by Dr. Muthoni Omukhango under CLC Kenya, ACABA has supported over 1,000 authors from 13 African countries.

ACABA by CLC Kenya fulfills its mission through several key initiatives:

1. Comprehensive Book Reviews: A distinguished panel of over 30 judges meticulously reviews submissions to ensure high standards of quality and content.

2. Author Training Programs: We provide robust training to help authors succeed in their literary endeavours, from concept to publication.

3. Empowerment Initiatives: Our book-centric initiatives are designed to empower authors, enhancing their skills and reach.

4. Networking and Collaboration: ACABA by CLC Kenya offers a dynamic platform for authors to network and collaborate across borders, fostering a vibrant literary community.

5. Awards for Excellence: We honour top books in Africa, elevating awareness and setting benchmarks for good publishing practices.

Through these efforts, ACABA by CLC Kenya is committed to nurturing and elevating Christian authorship in Africa, ensuring that their voices are heard and celebrated on a global stage.

Why an Award of Excellence?

At ACABA by CLC Kenya, we believe in recognising and celebrating the pinnacle of literary achievement. Our Awards for Excellence honour the finest books in Africa, elevating awareness and setting benchmarks for exemplary publishing practices.

Here’s why our awards matter:

1. Recognition of Talent: We spotlight the best books, acknowledging the hard work and creativity of African authors. This recognition not only honours their achievements but also inspires others to strive for excellence.

2. Elevating Standards: By awarding top books, we set high standards for quality and content, encouraging authors and publishers to produce their best work.

3. Increased Visibility: Award-winning books gain heightened visibility, attracting partners and book agents’ attention. This increased exposure helps authors reach a broader audience.

4. Industry Influence: Our awards influence the publishing industry by showcasing successful models and practices. This helps raise the overall quality of literature produced in Africa.

5. Inspiring the Next Generation: Celebrating outstanding works motivates upcoming writers to pursue their literary dreams and contribute to the rich tapestry of African literature.

Join ACABA by CLC Kenya in celebrating literary excellence. Our Awards for Excellence are more than just accolades; they are an evidence of the power of exceptional storytelling and a commitment to raising the bar in publishing. Because every great book deserves to be recognised, celebrated, and set as a benchmark for others to follow.

Why are comprehensive book reviews essential for authors?

At ACABA by CLC Kenya, we understand the power of a meticulous review process. Our distinguished panel of over 30 judges scrutinises each submission, ensuring the highest standards of quality and content.

Here’s why this matters:

1. Enhance Credibility: A thorough review from respected judges boosts your book’s credibility, making it stand out in a crowded market.

2. Refine Quality: Constructive feedback from experts helps you polish your work, ensuring it’s the best it can be.

3. Increase Visibility: High-quality reviews draw attention to your book, attracting more readers and potential publishers.

4. Build Trust: Readers trust books that have been rigorously reviewed, increasing their likelihood of purchasing and recommending your work.

5. Achieve Excellence: Our review process sets a benchmark for excellence, pushing you to achieve and maintain high standards in your writing.

Join ACABA by CLC Kenya and let our comprehensive book reviews elevate your author journey. Because your work deserves to be recognised, celebrated, and held to the highest standard.

Why is Training & Empowerment essential for authors?

At ACABA by CLC Kenya, we believe in empowering authors to reach their full potential. We support you from the step you are in, ensuring every step of your journey is a success. Here’s how our Authors Training and Empowerment (ATE) can help you succeed:

1. Expert Guidance: Learn from seasoned professionals who provide invaluable insights and practical advice.

2. Comprehensive Support: From navigating the publishing industry, to gaining new insights and trends, we’ve got you covered.

3. Skill Enhancement: Develop and refine your authorship skills, ensuring your work is polished and professional.

4. Innovative Workshops: Participate in dynamic workshops that cover a range of essential topics, from marketing strategies to audience engagement.

Why is Networking & Collaborations essential for authors?

At ACABA by CLC Kenya, we understand that success in the literary world goes beyond writing alone. That’s why we offer a dynamic platform for networking and collaboration, connecting authors across borders and fostering a vibrant literary community.

Unlock the power of connections with ACABA by CLC Kenya. Here’s why our platform is essential for authors:

1. Global Connections: Network with fellow authors, industry experts, and literary enthusiasts from around the world. Expand your horizons and discover new opportunities.

2. Collaborative Projects: Engage in collaborative writing projects and cross-border initiatives. Share ideas, co-author books, and enhance your creative process through teamwork.

3. Industry Insights: Gain exclusive access to insights from leading figures in the publishing industry. Stay informed about trends, opportunities, and best practices.

4. Supportive Community: Be part of a supportive community that encourages growth, learning, and mutual success. Exchange feedback, participate in discussions, and build lasting relationships.

5. Increased Visibility: Elevate your profile and increase your visibility within the literary community. Our platform helps you showcase your work to a wider audience, opening doors to new possibilities.

Join ACABA by CLC Kenya today and experience the benefits of our networking and collaboration platform. Connect, collaborate, and create with authors from around the globe. Because together, we can achieve more and make a greater impact in the world of literature.

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Our Achievement

Awards Gala 2021 at International Leadership University, Nairobi 80 Authors : 3 African Countries
Awards Gala 2022 at Nairobi Pentecostal Church, Woodley, Nairobi 80 Authors : 6 African Countries
Awards Gala 2023 at Daystar University, Nairobi 80 Authors : 13 African Countries

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Every year, ACABA by CLC Kenya receives over 60 volunteers to support the program. You can give a few hours every week or month and share your expertise to help authors in Africa preach the Gospel using their books. 

Meet the South African Team

Men and Women advancing authorship in South Africa...

ACABA Convener, Dr. Muthoni Omukhango, Kenya
ACABA Secretary General, Jackline Ingasian, Kenya
South Africa Secretary General, Colleen Mapatwana, South Africa
Uganda Secretary, Richard Mwebesa, Uganda
ACABA Influencer, Sipokazi Somzana, South Africa
Social Media Manager, Lee Mwandiki, ACABA Kenya, Uganda & South Africa
ACABA Brand Ambassador, Faith Ndlela, South Africa

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