Carrie Rosa Nzova was born in Mozambique to her missionary parents. She grew up traveling with and joining them on the various missions they went to before returning back to Kenya in 2010. Throughout her early life, Carrie loved to read and write. She would often pick a pen and make up a story on the move. It wasn’t until 2020 at 14, that she wrote and finished her first book, Journey to Friendship.

Carrie loves to spend her time between reading, writing and drawing. She is also involved in her local church and she part of the worship team. The best part of her day, is sitting down to read her bible and pray. Carrie lives in Nairobi, Kenya with her parents Rev. Arnold and Rebecca Nzova and her sister Elsie Nzova.

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“Impacting lives with Christian literature”


Hazley Edgewood is a teen girl who gre up in an urban setting, and is used to getting everything that she wants. Things change when she goes to high school, blue lake high and meets people who are not as willing to meet her demands as her parents did.

During Hazley’s lowest moment with no one to talk to, she turns to God, and there finds peace and hope. She also learns to appreciate and accepts others around her because life is best enjoyed, not alone but with family and friends.

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Impacting Lives With Christian Literature

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