Elizabeth Waithaka is a Money Coach, a Personal Finance Expert, and a Certified Financial Advisor. She does Finance literacy training and is incredibly passionate about children, Teenagers, and young adults. To cultivate positive money habits, skills, and attitudes from an early age for a lifetime of financial well-being. She trains in schools, Institutions of higher learning, Churches, and other organizations. Elizabeth is a fully Certified Public Accountant (C.P.A (K)) and holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Nairobi. She holds over 20 years of practical work experience in Corporate Finance. She is an Award winner in the runners up position in the D.E.A.R (Digitally Enabled and Resilient) by Kayana/ UK-Kenya Tech hub and UK AID, under the Employee Development Category. She is a Prolific Author with over 10 titles in Personal Finance Management and Entrepreneurship Development. She is a married mother of 3 children.

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“Impacting lives with Christian literature”


Teenagers Personal Finance Literacy is a core life skill, especially in this day and
age when their world is growing highly complex by the day. Whether they come
from low-income backgrounds or more privileged ones, learning basic concepts
of personal finance like saving, sharing and spending is essential for a more
rounded mature lifestyle in teenagers and young adults. The formation of the
right money management habits and attitudes early in life is core. This Personal Finance (Money) Literacy training workbook can also act as a guide for parents, teachers, guardians and other Finance Literacy trainers. It is specially designed to empower teenagers with money management skills from an early age for a lifetime of financial well-being. The author is part of a team that runs a wonderful children curriculum called The Money Club. Participants learn the basics of money including savings, needs versus wants, personal budgeting, introduction to investments, among others as life skills. This prepares them to become more financially responsible citizens who will build strong families, neighborhoods as well as local and international communities.

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Impacting Lives With Christian Literature

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