Ethel Kimbowa

Ethel Kimbowa is a lover of God, wife, author and warrior princess! As a Ugandan tourism professional, she finds pleasure in the simple things of life. Watching God weave the cir-cumstances of her life into a beautiful tapestry of His design. Ethel is the author of one book, Warrior, released in November of 2022.


Books by Ethel Kimbowa

“Impacting lives with Christian literature”


Deborah. Esther. Hannah. David. Warriors are all around us. These men and women skil-fully balance all life throws at them, coming out with their crowns intact and adorned with integrity, grace and dignity.

Like the emerging of a butterfly from its cocoon, such warriors know how to come out of the darkest of nights with a smile on their faces and a song in their hearts. Their success is rooted in knowledge, armed with the truth of the Word and the battle gear of heaven.

Standing tall and confident knowing full well their value and worth. Young or old, you too can be named among the world’s greatest warri-ors! Join Ethel as she outlines the keys you need to become the warrior God intended you to be!

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Impacting Lives With Christian Literature

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