Hellen Basemera Dande

Hellen Basemera Dande is passionate about Personal Development and seeing transformation for the better taking place in both the individual and communities.

She is a Personal Development Coach and a Transformational Speaker who focuses on helping people to master themselves so as to serve in their purposes and full potential.

She is the CEO of Ma’ MOJO CONSULTANCY, a firm that offers Corporate Training services, Individual and Group Coaching services, Motivation & Transformative Talks and Seminars and Team.Hellen is also passionate about Entrepreneurship and helping especially the youth in Uganda and all over Africa to develop their leadership skills and to grow themselves into young entrepreneurial leaders, she serves as a Consultant and Moderator on various Platforms and Institutions.

Hellen is married to Philip Dande and is the mother of four wonderful Children – Romeo, Kuliet, Melanie and Elsa.


Books by Hellen Basemera Dande

“Impacting lives with Christian literature”


Many people walk through life in a haze not knowing what exactly they were created for on this earth or even what their capabilities are… well. This book is for those who are seeking to find answers to these questions, WHO AM I? WHAT AM I CAPABLE OF and WHAT CAN I DO TO BE THE BEST VERSION OF ME

3…2…1…Go!!!, will jump-start your zeal to desire more for yourself as an individual, it will help you streamline yourself towards your true calling and lead you to strive to go after your dreams relentlessly so as to have you living out your potential.

The book will guide you on how to identify the major areas in your life that need to be worked upon in order to be your best self for your benefit, that of the community and the world at large. This book is great for personal Growth both in the formal work place and for entrepreneurs.

Other Programs by Hellen Basemera Dande

I quarterly Group Coaching Workshops - Individual Coaching Sessions - Speaking Engagement for various Associations or institutions (on invitation basis)

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Impacting Lives With Christian Literature

CLC Kenya Ministries

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