Sipokazi Somzana

Sipokazi is a social worker by profession, with a Masters Degree in Social Work Healthcare. She is the founder of Asta Social Work Services PTY LTD and she Writes an online platform dedicated to empowering and transforming lives.

She is also life and spiritual coach and a mentor, an assessor and moderator. She is passionate about personal and career development through offering the necessary training within diverse settings.

As a self-published Christian author, motivational speaker and private practice social worker, Sipokazi is an agent of change and transformation of lives across different life contexts.

She is zealous about equipping and growth of individuals.


Books by Sipokazi Somzana

“Impacting lives with Christian literature”

Young and Crazy In Love With JESUS

A modern day read that seeks to equip people with the necessary knowledge and insights of being a child of God, an exciting and fulfilled Christian. The book takes on a very practical and relevant approach towards the challenges both the young and matured people face in their journey of faith. The author collaborates her personal experiences with those faced by every other person, the culmination of this being the reader’s appreciation of the content and ultimate spiritual maturity.

Other Programs by Sipokazi Somzana

Writing Journey


Impacting Lives With Christian Literature

CLC Kenya Ministries

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