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Adisa Hudson is a born again Christian, a wife and a mother. She is a communications specialist and an editor with vast experience in publishing and content development. She is a writer, a pen in God’s hand who speaks for the girl child.

She speaks for the unmarried, single and mature lady; a lady who loves the Lord but sometimes the pressure of the world seems to dissuade her. She speaks love, truth and grace.

She is also an intercessor and runs, Sisters’ Aflame, a prayer group that seeks to raise generation firebrands for God.


Books by Adisa Hudson

“Impacting lives with Christian literature”

The journal aims to show that there is still a remnant of a people who want to honour God by living a pure life. From the beginning, the author indicates that God should be the centre of the relationship. When two people make themselves the centre of attention for each other, they take God’s place. The mark of a mature person is the ability to rule over their desires, it is clear that the passion and urge for sex is and will always be there regardless of if one is a believer or not, but the question is how do you deal with that desire and still honour God. Our security as believers is in God, and this helps to protect us from seeking our contentment from a person. We realize that singlehood is a gift that should be enjoyed and not a hurdle to be endured. It helps us recognise that we can build our partnership not on feelings that change so quickly but on a serving attitude toward one another and seeking God’s will together and for each other. With this in mind, even purity becomes a mutual goal to be pursued.

The author shares her struggles and practical approaches that she has used in her purity journey till marriage. As believers, our purity is not only keeping away from sexual sin. Our pursuit of purity encompasses every aspect of who we are, from our thoughts, feelings, emotions, attitudes and motives, words and deeds. Matthew 5:8 reminds us that the blessed are pure in heart, for they shall see God. Our purity is all-around.
The Journal points us to the word of God that in all the desires to keep pure, God is there. In the struggles to stay pure, the Word of God is there to encourage us to move on. This, however, has to begin from an individual decision to walk the purity journey. It starts by acknowledging that it is a worthwhile journey with its share of challenges but with great benefits. One has to remember that we are the beloved of the Lord, that the Lord desires well for each of us, and that when we are in Christ, we are whole.


When the WAIT becomes difficult, we are reminded of the faithfulness of Him who has called us. In those long nights of tears and lament, then the embrace of the Father helps us cope. There is hope that Love works. Patience in the journey of singlehood is a necessity. We may fall into the wrong relationship that breaks us into the core, but we are made whole in the brokenness. We are broken to be mended.

As you read through the journal, we are reminded that sex in the confines of marriage is good. In the waiting, one needs to keep busy in constructive ways that fully occupy your mind. Keep serving, discuss the struggles, and reach out to a mentor.

And to sum it all up, prayer really does work. It is a spiritual phenomenon created by an unlimited, powerful God. Prayer yields amazing results; God is sovereign and does things His way. However, prayer works best when coming from a broken and contrite heart in the right relationship with the Lord. The effective prayer of a righteous man availeth much James 5:16. Are you struggling with waiting for a spouse? Pray. Are you struggling with sexual impurity? Then pray. Connect with God. Have a close walk with the Father. Instead of complaining about the long wait, turn the complaints into prayers.

Elizabeth takes you through her journey and her purity life. By seeing how things have eventually turned out, you see God’s amazing plans and assurance. Just like Job was sitting in the dust with sores all over his body, he still said…. For I know that my Redeemer liveth, Job 19:25. That the wait is long, but one day, the narrative changes.

The Purity Journal…Beautiful in white, will bring you to the real challenges that single ladies go through in pursuit of holiness and the struggles that are hardly discussed in most forums.

Other Books by Adisa Hudson

SINGLE, SAVED, BUT…Dear Unmarried Sis

Having walked in that shoe of singlehood for a long period, I had all sorts of struggles to deal with as a single and saved lady. From my insecurities, pressure from within and without, fears and most importantly, difficult questions that most of us shy from…Single, Saved but desiring sex. This exhortation addresses 21 major questions in the life of a mature single lady who loves the Lord but sometimes gets overwhelmed about the desire for marriage and God’s plan and timings. We all can relate with one or two questions and hopefully be encouraged in the season of WAIT.

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Impacting Lives With Christian Literature

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