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My writing became a reference for most teachers
My name is Patience Kamarunga Mugisha. I am an administrator, a Human Resource generalist, a counselor, an author and a passionate lover of God. I am Married for close to 10 years to a handsome Nelson Mugisha, and we are blessed with two adorable extremely loving children. Our firstborn Jeremiah Jayden is nine years old, and our second born Eliora Naomi is now seven years old.

I am a first-time author but not a first time writer, I started writing way back in primary but became profound in high school where essay writing was mandatory. For most of the days in school my essays always stood out to the point that I became a reference for most English and literature teachers, then I discovered I could write but still shunned away. My strength is in storytelling, most of the time I write, it is always some sort of story.

I took on Literature as a subject but also as a passion for my upper high school. Later on, in my workspaces, the art of writing was noticed, and I took on a bigger challenge of being in charge of our quarterly newsletters at Nile Breweries which was an excellent write up that I looked forward to all the time, I later introduced weekly nuggets which were encouraging write-ups at the same workplace in that even after four years of quitting I am still remembered as Newsletter and weekly nuggets madam.

For some reason, I am always scribbling something, and that made me discover that I am a writer in the making even though I had not put much effort into it until the year 2021 when I authored my first book “Belonging, the tale of an orphaned girl”.

The inside story of my book
Talking about this book, ‘Belonging’ is a fundamental right for every human being but when this doesn’t happen one will wander until they belong! My book, “Belonging – the tale of an orphaned girl” is an inspiration and a true life story of my early days or years of growth. I was orphaned at such an early age while I was five years old, I did not get to see my father besides in pictures, and right when I was beginning to know my mother she passed on as well. My siblings and I then were separated at that age, each given out into a different home, even though for some reason, my case was extreme as I was moved into almost five homes/families before I finally settled in one. In each homestead, I never felt like I belonged but God in his mercies always knew me and was at my side at all times.

In primary, I was then abandoned in one of the boarding schools by the family that was taking care of me and school became my home and school, when others would be going home for holidays, I would be looking for which corner in one of the two dormitories to stay without being so scared, and it had become so normal that it seemed right for me to live that way but God always sends Angels our way only that sometimes we notice after a while, the director of the school took care of me and always provided whatever he could.

After my primary school exams, while everyone was going and excited about their vacation that is when reality hit me that I had nowhere to go, and for me, at that time it seemed like life had just come to an end. Indeed God is the father to the fatherless, at that very moment when all seemed grey I went to church that morning, I guess for lack of anything to do because I do not think I even knew that God knew me! But I realized that my going to church was divinely directed by God. At the church, that morning of confusion, worry, fear and hopelessness, I met a lady who knew me and said she was a friend to my elder sister who has been looking for me, I doubt! We actually prayed, my heart was merry to know that someone was looking out for me. That was how I reunited with my sister through her friend, and my ‘Belonging’ started. Hope was restored, joy beamed on my face, and the glow was indescribable as I moved into Kampala (that feeling of a first time visit to a city) and was finally reunited with all my siblings after 7 years of separation.

Dream to have a belong home for orphans
The book ‘Belonging – A tale of an orphaned girl’ is a story of Hope to all orphans and people who have almost given up and almost lost all hope. Even when all seems lost, our ‘Belonging’ can still be traced in God alone! People may fail you, but God never fails, He is our present help in time of need. This book also was written with the intent that whatever money comes out of it, will take care of orphans out there, my dream is to have a belong home for orphans out there. I currently have two orphans I take care of, and hopefully get more with time as led by God.
Today, I am a testimony of belonging! I am a graduate of social work and social administration, and I hold master’s degrees in both Public Administration and Management, and Human Resources. I have worked in some of the top companies in Uganda, amongst them; Nile Breweries, Uganda Registration Services Bureau and now with The Infectious Diseases Institute. My question, would someone say that I have not belonged yet? I give all the glory and honour to my Father in heaven who has been and is still with me from the day of inception.

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