Dinah Muthuka

Dinah is a village girl who made it to the city and the city accepted her. She was brought up well by a mother who made sure she never saw the worst of her missing father. A typical church girl; but still there are a number of Sundays she did not make it for the service. Many Sundays indeed. 

Dinah loves God, life and she is passionate about helping others. At 26, she hoped she would have had it all figured out. But such is life, at that same age, she found herself in a big maze. She has walked some paths repeatedly trying to figure out the right direction.

She had a master blue print then, being an author was not part of it, but then again, life happened. It hit her off balance and roughly pushed her to a corner where she only had a blank piece of paper and ink. She fell in love with writing and this has become the best part of her life.

She is the author of DECADE 2.0, a Young Adult Book and ZARA a Teens Story Book. 

Dinah’s life’s journey has led her to the number of things she is today. An Author, a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Project Management Professional, a mentor, a Menstrual Hygiene Management champion and the Founder of Young Jewels Foundation, an initiative that provides school-based mentorship programs to rural based primary school learners.  

Her LinkedIn profile says that she supports organisational systems strengthening and capacity building. It is correct. That’s what takes a better part of Dinah’s day.




Books by Dinah Muthuka

“Impacting lives with Christian literature”


This book has been written for teenage girls and those approaching puberty. It also targets the parents of teenagers, with the aim of breaking the silence, as well as reducing the shame and secrecy that surrounds women sexuality and menstrual matters right from menarche all the way to menopause. The book will help convey to young girls the importance of understanding the female body, sexuality and menstrual cycle.

It will also empower them to walk in confidence as their bodies develop. This book’s main objective is to open discussion about the hard topics that surround girls’ development and women’s sexuality. Because education begins at home, this book is the ultimate bridge between teenage girls and their parents to ensure the much-needed communication during their most crucial stage in life. The end result is the creation of a bond that allows teenage girls to ask their parents any question without any fear whatsoever.


DECADE 2.0 is an open journey told from a wiser perspective. It is about the fun, the fast and the fatal. A collection of life experiences, the mistakes made, the really messed up stuff and the lessons picked along the way.

Drawing from life experiences and beyond, this is a provocative book with a collection of realities from young adults whose details have been changed to protect their privacy. It will show you how time, relationships, beliefs and work, shapes and affect the decisions we make and the respective consequences. It is about those who have been strong and fallen, those who have been down and found the strength to get back up again along the way.

Dinah Muthuka argues that as much as it is often said, life does not begin at forty. DECADE 2.0 is a great read not just for the 20 something but for anyone willing to make the most out of their productive years.

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5 months ago

I love reading decade 2.0 because it reminds me of my mistakes in my twenties and what I should do right where I am at the moment,it’s such an inspiring read.,

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Impacting Lives With Christian Literature

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