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Esther Katende Magezi is a lawyer and law lecturer in one of the leading Business Universities in Uganda. She is married to a prominent lawyer in Uganda, Tom Magezi. They have been married since December 2005 and have been blessed with three wonderful children (11, 14 & 16 years old).

Esther has a strong passion for the success of the family unit, and believes that if we understand the Word of God in relation to family, and particularly marriage, we will be able to succeed at the institution of marriage, and therefore, family.

Esther has authored another book on parenting called ” Decision Points: Memoirs of a Working Mother” where she openly discusses her journey as a working mother. Her successes and failures of parenting, and what the Lord has taught her, in the parenting journey.

Esther’s hope is that after reading her books, you are able to draw inspiration from the pages, and exert yourself more, towards your journey as a spouse, and as a parent, to the glory of God.


Books by Esther Katende Magezi

“Impacting lives with Christian literature”


15 Things They Didn’t Teach Us About Marriage

This book is about the 15 things I have learned about marriage in the 16 plus years I have been married. They are lessons I have learned from the marriages and divorces of friends and family, lessons taught to me by God, and the different marriage seminars and meetings I have attended.

They don’t teach about marriage in school, and the person you marry and the way you navigate the institution of marriage, is one of the greatest sources of joy or pain in life! This book is a good read with valuable lessons for those intending to get married, those who have started on the journey of courtship, those who are married, and those who don’t intend to get married.

It is a practical and unplugged discussion of marriage, without any sugarcoats. It is a collection of insights into this institution called marriage, that have elluded many of us, primarily because, among other reasons, they don’t teach us about marriage in school!


Memoirs of a Working Mother

This book is a discussion on intentional parenting. It revolves around the decision points  that Esther, a working mother, made, as she intentionally raised her children between the ages of 0 -12 years. Esther openly shares her memoirs on her parenting journey; the highs and lows, as well as the challenges she has gone through and how she has handled the said challenges. Decision points is an invaluable guide for anyone involved in raising children from 0 -12 years, including educators, grandparents, parents, support teams and the extended family. It is a voice for many working mothers who are grappling with the challenge of raising children in today’s world. It is also an invaluable guide to young mothers who wish to learn from the experiences of other working mothers.

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