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Jocelyn is born again and a mother to one child. She has a deep love for children and is always looking for ways of making their live easier and better. She is an author, writing both adult and children books. From a tender age, she realized that she loved writing and would write really beautiful compositions. Her teachers always complimented her writing and encouraged her to keep writing.

For a long time, I wrote content for people as a way of survival after the university but God has different plans for her gift. In 2019 when cases of child sexual abuse got really bad, she asked God what she could do to remedy the situation. That is when God reminded her that she is an author and should write a book that will create awareness among children concerning this subject. That is when she wrote and published her first book called ‘My Body is all Mine’. She has since gone into writing and has many books in the pipeline, which will be published soon as well. One of the books that she’ll be releasing soon will guide parents on how to effectively do sexual and reproductive health and rights education at home.


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“Impacting lives with Christian literature”

‘My Body is all Mine’ is a children’s book that helps create awareness among children on the issue of child sexual abuse. It is the story of a young girl that was sexually abused by her uncle right in their house. Due to the nature of their job, Ruby’s parents were very busy and seldom spent time with her. Since her mother’s younger brother lived with them, the parents completely trusted Ruby with him. Instead of taking care of Ruby, her uncle took advantage of the absence of her parents to abuse her sexually.

Suddenly, the usually jovial girl became sad and withdrawn. Her teacher noticed this change in behavior and called her mother. She told them all that happened and her uncle got arrested. Following the incident with Ruby, the school felt the need to bring in a professional to teach the children about the issue of child sexual abuse and what they can do to stay safe.

Through the book, children learn about their private and public body parts, what sexual abuse means and the various types, safe and unsafe touches, what they can do if they feel unsafe, and the effective reporting. Most importantly, they learn bodily autonomy, lies told by abusers, and how to create their safety network.

A lot of children don’t report sexual abuse because they don’t know what it looks like. This book also has a section for adults to give them tips on how they can build a relationship with their children that will make it easy for to report anything to them.

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Impacting Lives With Christian Literature

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