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John is a creative writer of children’s books focusing on Christianity, culture and diversity. He believes in the word of God and his conviction is that God lives in the soul of people because God’s holiness is so great, it can drown anything or make it float.John’s message to the world is, ‘Purity is heavier than evil. If you obey God’s commandments and copy his qualities, he will make your goodness drown in his greatness and blossom into success. But if you disobey him, your evil ways will float for the world to see and choose either to follow you or not. He is thankful to God for influencing his life.


After graduating with a BA Hons in conflict resolution & Peacebuilding, he volunteered in different organisations and has served as a diligent employee. He has written books relevant to the formation of children including; A Perfect Life of a Child, The Beat Path To Success and a motivating book called Affirm Your Right to God’s Promises He is the author of ‘The Old Mpororo Kingdom’ a reflection of the Culture of the Bahilma and Bairu in Western Uganda which he compared to the tribe of Abraham. He lives with his family in Kampala Uganda.


Books by John Araali

“Impacting lives with Christian literature”

The Best Path to Success Series: Bubba, Happy & Pal 

The Best Path to Success, is the second book of the series Bubba, Happy & Pal.

The book is grounded in the Holy Bible and puts before children the qualities rooted in God that enable them to succeed in life.

When children follow this path under the guidance of their loving parents and live in goodness, mutual respect, self-control and work hard, they can reach enviable heights of success.The book is indeed good reading for everyone.

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Impacting Lives With Christian Literature

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