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African Christian Book Award

Celebrating Christian authorship in East Africa

African Christian Authors Book Award program recognizes and promotes quality in Christian authorship in East Africa. Presented annually to Christian authors, the Award program celebrates the “best of the year” in 10 categories. Five finalists are chosen in each category unless there is a tie. The Winner in each category is announced and awarded at African Christian Authors Gala held at CLC Kenya’s Family Reading Picnic each year.
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Meet Our Judges

The expertise we rely on...

Apst. Patrick Muriithi Nyaga

Lead Minister | Gospel Celebration Church, Nairobi
Apst. Patrick Muriithi Nyaga, is a trained and worked as an accountant before joining full-time ministry. He is a graduate of Pan Africa Christian University with a Bachelor of Arts in Bible & Theology.

In addition to his role as a lead minister, he is also a conference speaker in Africa, Europe, USA and other continents.

He is trainer on leadership with an inclination to servant leadership. Apostle Patrick has authored and Co-authored great books like Money Matters: The Spiritual Dimension, Leadership Pitfalls: Mistakes Every Leader Must Avoid, Called to Serve: A Biblical Invitation to Sacrificial Servanthood & Every Leader’s Battle: Experiences, Encouragement & Lessons from 10 Leaders.

He regularly contributes to articles in international authoritative magazines like Leadership Journal in the USA and Africa Leadership today. Patrick reaches millions of people through his TV program, ‘Called to Serve’ in the Kingdom Television & Elevate TV in Kenya.

Patrick is married to Grace and they are blessed with three children, Jewel, Moses and Collins.

Mrs. Rosemary Mwangi

Business Leader | African Book Hub
Mrs. Rosemary believes that East Africa is but a small part of a bigger continent and an even bigger globe. Limiting our learning to East Africa would be limiting to any one individual.

She encourages a reading culture so that children and readers across the community get to experience the world through books. It’s said that reading greatly improves literacy levels among children which translates to an overall academic improvement. Reading is food to the soul, therefore, it provides the nutrients that our minds needs to play their role in an individual.

During her down time, Mrs. Rosemary loves reading and traveling.

Her favourite African Author is Esther Muchemi – Give Me My Mountain and she is currently reading The Bigger Deal by Sunny Bindra

Rev. Josephine Nguuh

Ordained Minister | Christ Is The Answer Ministries (CITAM)
Rev. Josephine life purpose is “To raise up firm foundations for Many Generations” as drawn from Isaiah 58:12(b). She is married to Rev. John Wesley Nguuh and is a mother to three young adults and a grandmother to one.

She is passionate about building a reading culture in East Africa for various reasons. Reading is a builder to Holistic growth and personal development. The practice of reading molds one’s habits which form the character forming one’s Socio-cultural exposure, emotional awareness, intellectual growth, spiritual formation and physical discipline of consistent intake of wholesome knowledge.

During her down time, Rev. Josephine likes cooking, walking, reading Biographies and listening to Gospel Music.

Her favourite African Author is Chinua Achebe. His book “Things Fall Apart” is her best read. The author, among other things, highlights the permanence of change and how it impacts on culture, religion, parenting and leadership in building a stable community. Rev. Josephine is currently reading The Bigger Deal by Sunny Bindra

Mukundi Mathai

Principal & CEO | PTTC - Rubate, Chuka
Stephen Mathai Mukundi is a born again believer and a Presbyterian church of East Africa Elder.

A graduate of st. Pauls University Limuru where did a master in Theology specializing ln counseling, Mr. Mathai is a trained high school teacher teaching business studies and geography.

He is also an alcohol and drug addiction professional counselor, and an accredited mediator attached to Embu and Siakago Law courts.

He is the current principal and CEO of Presbyterian Teachers and Technical College-Rubate Chuka ln Tharaka Nithi County.

Mr. Mathai is married and blessed with two children.

During his down time, he listens to gospel music, watch animal documentaries, work with addicts and work on his tree nursery.

He is currently reading Biblical Christianity in African perspective by Wilbur O’Donovan as he works on his third book. Together with his wife they’ve authored “The Enemy Within” and “The Peculiar Family”.

Dr. Justus Kizito, PHD

Lecturer | Kenyatta University
J. K. S Makokha, teaches at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Kenyatta University. He is a lecturer in the Department of Literature, Linguistics and Foreign Languages. He has published many books that are available from www.amazon.com.

He is the resident book reviewer of The Star Newspaper. https://www.the-star.co.ke/authors/art-check/

He is born again and married with several children. Both Makokha and his wife are bibliophiles.

During his down time he listens to music, writes poetry, tends gardens and mentors the youth.

His favourite Kenyan writer is the novelist M. G. Vassanji who writes on the gravity of history on our modern society in East Africa.

Mrs. Fridah K. Nambaka

Teacher | Community Service Worker
Mrs. Nambaka is a holder of M.B. A in Human Resource Management from University of Nairobi.

She is a panelist on three television shows on NTV and Family TV on family programs.

A wife, mother and grandmother, Mrs. Nambaka is also a consultant on premarital and marriage programs.

During her down time, Mrs.Nambaka loves cooking, reading and dancing.

Her favourite African Author is Oscar Amisi- Generation Y and she is currently reading Forgiveness by Rev. Kenneth Oyola.

Dr. Carolyne Chakua

Psychotherapist | Educator | Parenting Coach
Dr. Carol Chakua is a therapist, lecturer and parenting coach. She is a practitioner and a researcher in the areas of parenting, emotional wellness and quality education and the author of Parenting With Your Heart in Mind – A Candid Peek into a Parent’s Heart. She is the Founder of BEing Parenting, which develops and delivers outreach programs for caregivers of children (parents, teachers and others) with a special emphasis on mental health for both caregivers and their children. Dr. Carol is a Certified Psychologist and a Certified Trainer of Trainers in Skillful Parenting. She is a full-time faculty member at Moi University and has worked in educational and mental health institutions both in Kenya and in the US. She is also a founding board member of the Positive Psychology Association of Kenya.

Dr. Carol serves on the National Panel on Parental Empowerment and Engagement, formed under the Ministry of Education. She has been engaged in creating and delivering audio and video content for the ‘Managing Learners at Home’ series, a radio and TV program produced for Kenyan parents under the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development.

During her downtime, she enjoys reading, taking early morning walks and long drives. Her favourite African author is Joan Thatiah. She is currently reading Mindsets in the Classroom & Mindset for Parents both by Mary Cay Ricci and The Making of an Ordinary Saint by Nathan Foster

Albert Kiplagat Chumo

Psychological Counsellor | RefuSHE Kenya
Mr. Chumo is a Licensed Professional Counselor accredited by Kenya Counsellors and Psychologists Association (KCPA), founder of Pambazuka Counselling and Psychosocial Centre.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology from Liberty Theological Seminary and BA in Christian Counseling from Landmark Theological Seminary (USA).

His experience includes serving as an associate Pastor at Fountain Baptist Church in Eldoret for Eight years and 10 years working as a Counsellor for various organizations among them USAID-AMPATH as CBT Counsellor, Open Arms International Department of Child welfare and Family Services as a Village counsellor, Behavioral and Adolescents counsellor for various children’s homes.

He has been utilizing skills from treatment modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Person-Centered Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing. Through counselling and ministry work, he has witnessed how challenges, pain, and trauma can stretch us to grow, appreciate our courage, and own our humanness with understanding and dignity.

During his downtime, he enjoys traveling, reading, watching football, and attending music and drama events. His favourite author is Sonia Leverette’s book, He never slumbers. He’s currently reading, The Other Side of Goodness by Vanessa Davis.

Bill Dindi

Missionary | Life Ministry/Campus Crusade for Christ International
Bill is a fulltime missionary with Life Ministry Kenya/ Campus Crusade for Christ International. He is currently assigned to the International Leadership University where he teaches in the Practical Field ministry Department. Additionally, he serves as the Director of the Lausanne Committee’s Worldwide International Students Network for Africa.

He is also the founding President of Apologetics Kenya, an initiative that equips Christians to give a reasoned Defence for their Faith in the Public square and engage skeptics, Atheists and those of other worldviews.

Bill holds an Undergraduate Degree in Environmental Studies and Community Development from Kenyatta University and a Master’s Degree in Transformational Leadership from the Global Academy for Transformational Leadership. He is pursuing a second Master’s Degree in Biblical and Theological Studies at the International Leadership University.

Bill is married to Nancy Dindi, and they are blessed with two children

His hobbies include spending time in nature, reading, listening to music, podcasts and watching documentaries.

His favourite African author is the late Gambian Proffessor, Lamin Sanneh and his book, Translating the Message.

He is currently reading Kwame Bediako’s Theology and Identity.

Mrs. Sarah C. Kirui

CEF Branch Director | North Rift - Eldoret
Mrs. Kirui reaches out with the gospel of Christ to Children by Evangelizing them, discipling with the Word of God and channeling them to Bible believing churches for Christian growth. She also trains children workers on how to evangelize and disciple children.

Her love and passion for books was fueled by her brothers and sisters who were teachers who encouraged her to read and write a lot, and often gave her books as gifts.

During her down time, Mrs. Kirui loves praying, singing, nature walks, story telling to kids, reading books.

Her favorite African Author is Gladys K. Mwiti and she’s currently reading Conquering unforgiveness By Hellen Koligey.

Terry Wanja Mwenda

Editor/Communications Officer
Terry Wanja Mwenda is an experienced editor and communications officer for 16 years, mostly editing science-related content and news.

She has worked on textbooks, newspapers, magazines, research papers and journals, for organizations including Oxford University Press, Nation Media Group, Standard Group, African Economic Research Consortium (AERC), and the International Centre for Insect Physiology and Ecology (icipe).

The written word is her passion and privilege. She derives great pleasure from learning new things and sharing knowledge, and consider herself honoured to work with writers and researchers whose ideas are transforming the world.

During her downtime, she loves reading, walking, long drives and theatre. Her favourite African Author is Chinua Achebe.

She is currently reading The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse (David Johnson & Jeff van Vonderen) and The Education of a British-Protected Child (Chinua Achebe).

Carl Dobrowolski

CEO | Goodwill Rights Management USA
Carl Dobrowolski is the CEO of Goodwill Rights Management, USA that serves publishers and ministries by promoting excellent Christian as well as general market publications globally. GRM achieves this through effective and enthusiastic Rights Management, Publisher Relations and Business Development.

He has over 16 years of successful experience in Rights Sales & Management, Contract Management, Publisher Relations, Strategic Relationship Growth within the Christian/Religious market.

He has served numerous publishers including Olive Tree Bible Software, World Bible Translation Center, Kregel, NCCC, Digital Bible Society, among others to enhance and improve their sub-rights operation while building their business one relationship at a time.

Judging Criteria

Audience (12 points)

1. Is the audience clearly defined from the title, presentation and content of the book?

2. Does the format of the book complement the purpose of the work? Does the book have features such as an index, bibliography, etc.? Are they effective and useful?

3. Do additional materials (video, etc.) come with the book? Do they enhance the purpose and overall impact of the work?

Content (20 points)

4. Is the title a good match for the text?

5. Is the content inspirational and/or motivational?

6. Is the content, perspective, depth of treatment, and reading level consistent with the purpose of and audience for the book?

7. Is this approach age-friendly tone? Is the information reliable, accurate and appropriate to the audience? Is the content well-developed and organized logically? Are the main points memorable, and presented in a clear, straightforward, logical and engaging manner?

8. If applicable, is there adequate evidence to support the main points?

Writing Style / Mechanics (12 points)

9. Does the style of writing make it accessible to the intended audience?

10. Are there errors in spelling, grammar, paragraphing, and punctuation?

11. Are the word choices correct and engaging? i.e Does the quality of the author’s prose (syntax, word choice, rhythm, etc.) enhance the content?

Author (16 points)

12. Based on their writing, does the author appear to have sufficient experience/credibility to write such a work? If not, is the work itself strong enough to give the author credibility?

13. Is the author able to communicate to the target audience through their words?

14. Does the author closely tie the content to Scripture (whether quoted or not) and present the values of a Christian worldview?

15. Does the life of the subject model what it means to live as a Christian with all the attendant complexities, challenges, and hope?

Design / Format (20 points)

16. Does the cover engage the audience?

17. Do the layout, internal design, colour and text size enhance the reading experience? Does the format of the book facilitate the purpose of the book?

18. Is the depth and breadth of the information in the book communicated in the table of contents (if applicable)?

19. Where applicable, does the presentation in charts, graphs, etc. make the information as accessible as possible?

20. If additional materials (video, workbook, etc) accompany the book, do they enhance the purpose of the work?

Impact (20 points)

21. Does the work meet a need in the intended audience and/or fulfill a need in the Christian community?

22. Is the presentation fresh and compelling in nature?

23. Does it have the potential to significantly influence the Christian community or significantly substantiate information already available?

24. Does the book have the potential to make an impact on the worldview or lifestyle of the audience?

25. Does the work add new information or a new perspective to Christian ministry?

*There are 4 points per question on a scale of 0.5 increment i.e for question 1, these marks can be awarded 0 (minimum) or 0.5 or 1 or 1.5 or 2 or 2.5 or 3 or 3.5 or 4 (maximum).

*100 possible marks

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