40 Illustrations For Public Speakers

Ever been a victim of giving an unimpressive sermon, a boring lecture, or a dry speech that left your audience feeling like they had to endure listening to you? Perhaps you have ever given a talk and thought it was your best but deep down felt like something was still missing. That missing ingredient is what 40 Illustrations for Public Speakers seeks to address. This book is loaded with just the right blend of intriguing short stories and analogies, humorous anecdotes, reflective poems, and some pithy quotes that will help you pepper your talk as need be.  Whether you are a Pastor, Teacher or Orator this book will take your public speaking career to the next level.

One thought on “40 Illustrations For Public Speakers

  1. Jimmy Nzioki is a prolific writer and one of the best public speakers I have come across. In his book, illustrations for public speakers, he gives nuggets and appproach on how to speak well in spaces. I highly recommend this book to every public speaker, pastor.

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