Accountability, A Biblical Principle

ACCOUNTABILITY – A Biblical Principle seeks to help you master the what, the how and the why of accountability to:
1. Increase your productivity.
2. Inculcate the winning culture of taking ownership and responsibility.
3. Greatly improve your effectiveness in life and as a disciple of Christ.
4. Empower you to take charge of your faith and destiny.
5. Teach you how to wisely lead your life – with eternity in perspective.

This book will equip you with all you need to turn your life around. If you are you are struggling with procrastination, hidden addictions, discouragement, lack of fruitfulness and the deceptive trap of the blame game yet you need to achieve your goals and dreams…If your faith is dwindling and you desperately need to strengthen your walk of faith and be accountable to the body of Christ…If you need to achieve your goals and dreams in life with integrity and less stress… this book is a great resource to yourself.

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52 thoughts on “Accountability, A Biblical Principle

  1. This book is transformative to say the least. It has personally challenged me to re-think my thoughts and the place I had put accountability in my life. I know consider it to be very important and have taken a step further to challenge the teens that I personally mentor to read the book. Thank you so much Nelly for allowing God to use you in this great way.

  2. An absolutely awesome read.. A great reminder to myself and to my confidants that accountability to God and to fellow man is a permanent part of life. Thank you Nelly for reiterating that in your book. I am so blessed 🙏

  3. A great book reminding us of the talents given to us and need for us to be resourceful in the kingdom business by being accountable. It is a must own book. Thank you Nelly for having such an impact in my personal journey.

  4. God Bless you Nelly, an excellent book. Have purchase several copies for our mentorship group. Would recommend to all, especially those wishing to strengthen their relationship with God, and personal growth,

  5. Great book, a must read for anyone keen to advance their personal development. An excellent reference book for any mentorship group, where individuals wish to improve their effectiveness in life and strengthen their disciple of Christ. We have purchased over ten copies for our mentorship group, and we continue to advocate for the book to all our friends and relatives. God Bless you Nelly, a very timely book.

  6. Congratulations Nelly for writing such a powerful and impactful book. This is a must read book for everyone who want to increase their effectiveness.

  7. This book is very impactful. It goes hand in hand with our leadership conferences called Momentum 1 and 2. I actually recommend the book to all pastors who attend our conference

  8. Excited about This book. Read it then introduced to my accountability group and has brought true transformation. Thank you for allowing god to use you this way

  9. ConGrAtulations on this nominee Mrs nelly you ABSOLUTELY deserve it . Such an awesome boOk tHat teaches us all to be accountable.

  10. Nelly kagoru’s book Accountability A Biblical principle, Will empower you to Take charge of your Faith and Destiny, ownership and Responsibility. I Recommend this book to everyone because Winning begins with ACCOUNTABILITY Which is an absolute Requirement.

  11. The book has real, actionable, STEP by step GUIDELINES to achieving success In TODAY’S world. recommended read for all couples or singles and youths to enable them discern better their respective stage on life.

  12. I got the pRivilege to own a signed cOpy from the author when i was at my lowest point in liFe, after reading This book it gave me a guide on how to dust off and put my head high again! It’s Become my handbag pal!

  13. Wonderful book, helped me to know i cannot walk this journey alone, i need someone i can tell everything as it is about me. But I need to get this person right.

  14. For loss of words, I am delighted to have had the opportunity of reading this amazing easy to read book written by Nelly kagoru who I consider as a mum, a friend, a MENTOR and above all an influencer in her own right.

    It this day and age, I cannot imagine life without a mentor, especially those whom I closely associate with.
    And thanks for reminding me about this Nelly.

    My prayer is for this book to be a pillar of guide to many others out THERe, who yearn for transformation over their lives and their loved ones.

    I believe that none who lays his or her hands on this book will ever regret it.

    Once again, many thanks to Nelly and above all to your supportive hubby Mr. Kagoru and your children.

    God richly bless you

  15. Congratulations Nelly ,I learnt alot , the importance of accountability IN a Christian LIFE.A great book.

  16. It’s an eye opener,makes you see who around you is accountable to you and vice versa.This is regardless to family,finances, spiritual growth.Thanks Nelly.

  17. Simple and eye opening book on accountability one of the most under rated principle in our lives. I love the examples and authenticity.

  18. When I read Nelly Kagoru’s book on accountability, my perspective changed. I intentionally became more accountable to my superiors, peers and even juniors. i have experienced reduced mistakes in life as the accountability structures in my life have become stronger. Thank you Nelly for this timely book.

      1. Congratulations Madam NELLY so proud of you ,this is a big inspiration keep up the spirit of the lord 🙏

  19. Nelly kagoru’s book titled Accountability, is a wonderful book that seeks to empower you and I to build relationships that aims to help us develop accountability.

    This is the only way we can hold each other accountable and help the body of Christ to thrive I highly recommend the book.

      1. Accountability by Nelly is a book that not only empowers but motivates and builds hope for an accountable life of christians.

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