Conceive Achieve

In his book, Julius challenges the reader to search his inner soul and dare to dream and think different as therein lay endless opportunities. He demystifies myths about success such as its correlation to factors such as brilliance, education and strength. According to the book, your success is only as far as you allow your vision to see. Your success is dependent on your ability and willingness to unlock your God-given talent and utilize it to make a difference in your own life and that of others.

Through Conceive Achieve, you will learn about:
 The ingredient for success; talent
 Factors that prevent you from making use of your talents
 The power of the body, soul and spirit and how to unlock it
 The 35 principles of success

Conceive Achieve is a book inspired by Julius’ two-decade experience as an agricultural extension officer where he witnessed communities around the country wallow in hunger and poverty despite being in possession the greatest resource, land. He ties this to modern-day troubles such as unemployment, which according to him need not be a problem as we are all endowed with innate gifts and talents, the key to breakthroughs.

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83 thoughts on “Conceive Achieve

  1. Great book. I recommend it to all who want to grow their mind for great achievement so life

  2. Great piece of advice in a book. Thanks you for the guidelines. Congratulations

  3. Congratulations mr mwebia. Great work. May god bless you to continue inspring especially the youth.

  4. Congratulations on your well-deserved SUCCESS.So pleased yo see you accomplishing great are an inspiration to many including me,kudos once again.

  5. Congratulations Brother Mwebia for unlocking the innate powers of a people towards success.

    I recommend this book to all readers.

    I’VE shared it on my social media circles

  6. cograts my brother julius. Cant wait to this woderful book of inspiration.i need copies for youth i mentor. The book will make my work easy in councelling bravo mr mwebia.

  7. Dare to dream n have a vision success will follow…great inspiration.congraculations Mr mwebia

  8. Congratulations.. I would recommend this book to the youth.. Those still trying to build their lives and for the abit elderly its also never too LAte to change something

    1. Dare to dream, dare to be better. Don’t settle for the comfort zone. “Life is fair! It’s either hardwork or hard life.”

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