Decade 2.0   

DECADE 2.0 is an open journey told from a wiser perspective. It is about the fun, the fast and the fatal. A collection of life experiences, the mistakes made, the really messed up stuff and the lessons picked along the way. Drawing from life experiences and beyond, this is a provocative book with a collection of realities from young adults whose details have been changed to protect their privacy. It will show you how time, relationships, beliefs and work, shapes and affect the decisions we make and the respective consequences. It is about those who have been strong and fallen, those who have been down and found the strength to get back up again along the way. Dinah Muthuka argues that as much as it is often said, life does not begin at forty. DECADE 2.0 is a great read not just for the 20 something but for anyone willing to make the most out of their productive years.

African Christian Authors

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