Even Here

They say experience is the best teacher. What a tragedy it is, that the saying applies to grief as well. Previously, I thought it was a word that describes the sadness that comes with the demise of a loved one. However, through experience, I know grief is unexplainable anguish that seems to have no end. It is not just one emotion. No. It is a bitter cocktail of them all. Grief is not remembering what life was like before it and wondering whether there will ever be a semblance of that life in the future. Grief is asking God to show up but wondering whether He will and feeling guilty about the waning faith. Grief is untold loneliness, even with company – the kind that makes us feel like no one could ever understand us.


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3 thoughts on “Even Here

  1. This book just by the caption holds many deep pools of emotions to navigate through but I believe those are the EXACTL emotions we need to feel, in order to welcome the HEALING process. Grief is a journey but one that can be enjoyed all in due time as we surrender to the process of acceptance.

  2. Congratulations on this book. This wonderful to read in order to understand better way of dealing with grief. Once again congratulations

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