Finding Solace – A journey of Hope after Tragedy

Finding Solace: A Journey of Hope after Tragedy is Agnes’ Road map for anyone who is on the brink of hopelessness. After losing her husband to HIV/AIDS, fear and uncertainty gripped her as she pondered what would become of her and her ten children. Before she could get a grip on her new reality, she too tested HIV positive. A year later, her fourth child, was diagnosed with depression and went missing. Amidst her despair, her youngest son bade her goodbye, after trading the pain of HIV/AIDS for trip to heaven to sing with the angels. It’s been over thirty years since Agnes’ life dramatically changed through a series of heart wrenching tragedies. Despite this, she has somehow managed to find solace through a renewed sense of purpose for her life. The question is, how was she able to find solace when it is not a thing, a person, a place, or a time? Discover how she steadfastly changed the trajectory of her life and be inspired to do the same when faced with life’s challenges.

One thought on “Finding Solace – A journey of Hope after Tragedy

  1. This a simple but moving story if loss, resilience, hope & perseverance. It is also important to note the times in a budding new african country with all the turmoil that followed. Agnes’s story is nothing short of a miracle. Raising 10 children almost singlehandedly, losing 2 of them without running mad. Loving a husband who has brought tragedy in a family which was all but set for greater achievements etc must have been had. Agnes thank you for leaving this piece of your power, love, commitment & above all, forgiveness; to your children, grandchildren & your children’s grandchildren.

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