Inspired by Forty

Inspired by forty is a collection of quotable quotes that have been purposefully written and packed with wisdom nuggets to ignite a call to action in the reader. Words are powerful and the right ones do not only have the power to change lives but transform them. These words of wisdom will enable you build the foundation to have insightful guidelines that will enable you stay on the course you choose to take. We are the captains of our own lives. Like a ship’s radar the Inspired by forty quotable quotes shall enable the captains steer their lives in the direction they so choose. Easy to memorize, simple to refer to and resoundingly exciting they are. Read and find out for yourself. Welcome onto the ship of the insightful.

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48 thoughts on “Inspired by Forty

  1. Inspired by forty by Richard Mwebesa is everyday daily Inspiration medcine that everyone needs to read!!! Thank you Richard

  2. So inspirational. I love the fact that most of the quotes in the book drive a reader to take actions in whatever he has learnt. Nice work Richard.

  3. This book resonates with me I’ve always loved standing out in everything I do and this book is a blessing. Thank you Richard

  4. I read Richards book and found it very educative. We should encourage and support him to keep donating such valueful ideas to the society.

  5. Very Insightful, and life changing. Worth reading to discover purpose in life and while pursuing it.

  6. This is a truly inspiring book and also an eye opener in more ways than one. Shows that the we have the power to turn our lives around using the words we speak. Very beautiful book

  7. It’s what I really needed to read, it was timely.May God take you to higher heights Richard.

  8. Very insightful and INSPIRATIONal book Richard. I already bought one and would recommend it to every one who seeks s deeper understanding of themselves.

  9. Thanks so much Mr Richard Mwebesa for always being a light with your books that have changed many lives thru reading and practicing God bless you abundantly.

  10. This book is fully packed with wisdom and knowledge for living in this present day world,I for one recommend many to read this book.
    Richard thanks May the lord continue to bless you.

    1. This book is an amazing life transforming tool. It rebukes, inspires and commands the spirit of the reader into action towards greatness. I am so blessed to have read it and I am going to read it again.

  11. Everytime I am reading this book it is like iam having a father to son conversation it’s the knowledge that is both ancient and new . .guys u have to read this book

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