Just Scream

Just Scream is a deep conversation with the youth. Using the story of someone at throes of death but restrains himself to call for help, the book emphasizes the need to reach out when one is breaking down. It serves as the spotlight for the transition from the teenage life into the twenties, or between high school life and campus/college life. It gives the youth hope and insight into preventing and coping up with depression and other mental illnesses. The book wittily implores us to call out on friends, parents, family, counselors, and God because to scream is not cowardice.

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75 thoughts on “Just Scream

  1. A superb artistical work. The more you read, the more you want and the more you get refreshed.


  2. The book tackles relevant ISSUEs affecting the youths in today’s society. It’s worth being supported in order to help save young lives from succumbing to depression and other psychological torments.

  3. At some point in life we all neEd to scream it out. It’s okay to break and CRYout loud🤗 But more importantly to accept what you can’t change, change what you can and keep grinding.

      1. It’s a very timely piece of art considering the times we are in. We all need to scream. Congratulations 👏

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