Overcome Rejection

Abandonment, insults and abuses, false accusations, starvation, corporal punishments and harassments, isolation from others, negative attitude towards you, never been appreciated but rather blamed, being despised etc. are forms of rejections we face from home or family, school, place of work, relationship and marriage for various reasons. Rejection is killing more youths and adults and their dreams today more than any virus. The pains of such rejection result in many severe effects like, killing of self-esteem, passion, dreams and vision, creating a state of confusion, bitterness, anger and jealousy, promoting domestic violence, poor health, separation and divorce, depression, suicide and murder, creating dysfunctional societies with high crime rate. This book offers practical solutions to rejection in homes, school, place of work, relationships, marriage etc. and teaches you how to; 1. Make the shift from simply surviving to thriving 2. Release blocks that may have been holding you back from breakthrough to greatness. 3. Discover your true genius gifts to fulfill your life’s purpose and calling. 4. Attract a romantic partner who is a true equal or transform your present relationship. 5. Become authentically confident. 6. Be supported, loved, and valued by all the people close to you.

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111 thoughts on “Overcome Rejection

  1. This is a very powerful book, I’m most interested in that part where okocha a renowned footballer challenged rejection from the germans using his football skills, he says he dribbled past them until when they started eating grass. Hahaha😂

  2. Daniel is a good writter and Speaker. This book streingthen whoever is in a tough season.

  3. Life changing book, the first chapter alone spoke to me as though I was listening and watching a reality show.
    Thanks for blessing

  4. Drilleba Dratibi, is a very wonderful writer. He writes and speaks your yesterday, today and tomorrow

    1. Nice and uplifting book.
      It’s my prayer that God will continue to bless you with more revelation.

  5. The First time I read this Manscript,it’s was like some one else was sitted on my 5*4. Compus bed telling me what I have gone through the all 5years!!
    The book was talking to me direct,I had to keep my self away from my workmates inorder to hear the wards of the spirit in the book!!
    I celebrate Pr Dan for His Life,and His own Voice in this Book!!

    1. Pastor Daniel,
      You life speaks volume. A great encouragement to many thank you for sharing a part of your life that many are ashamed of doing.

      God bless you

  6. Congs pr Dan for this good writing skills and dedication to put all the pieces of experienes together. This will uplift many

  7. Overcoming rejection is a relevant read in this era of mental health distress. The writer does not just paint a theoretical image of this phenomenon but draws from his practical experience to provide real solutions.

  8. Great and inspections especially to those going through this condition.
    Thank you pastor for the great work
    A man in this world goes through a lot .

  9. Great and inspections especially to those going through this condition.
    Thank you pastor for the great work.

  10. Dear Pastor Daniel.

    This book is a blessing to my life & family. I recommend it for all my colleagues involved in trauma healing / Mental Health and Psychosocial Support interventions.

  11. It’s a book that encourages, it speaks reality and things that happen in our day today life.
    It has my vote

  12. This Book is a Real Blessing to the People of God, It is so comprehensive in handling the subject and very practical. I have seen Daniel live through rejection and so he writes from a practical experiential perception.

  13. May God give you more wisdom,by this book many domestic problems could be solved more especially the youths have to read it,congz

  14. This book is so amazing to transform many people emotionally. I want to thank you pastor Daniel for the glory of God.

    God bless you

  15. The world can be quite harsh; people seem to go about wounding and/or breaking hearts. Among the worst means of doing this is rejection; it’s the reason Overcome Rejection becomes a must-read for people battling rejection. It’s well-written; it’s simple; it’s an essential read.

  16. I have read books before but I never had a chance to look into the writers eye. Like if they just wrote something out. Am glad to say that the author has written this book with the inspiration to see many get their triumph victory as he got his.
    Pr Dan thanks for coming out to write about a topic that I should call I silent because many dear to talk about it.

  17. Thank you so much Daniel, my professor for this wonderful book. This book speaks directly to me. My life has changed since I got a copy of this book. God bless you

  18. Woooow
    It’s really Powerful I can’t explain! I love all the msgs and testimony in it. God bless you Man of God

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