Principles for Personal Greatness

Everything functional in human life, can be traced to certain obeyed principles; be it success, victories, promotion or any level of rising. The working knowledge of principles and the science of their engagement, births desirable results. If you look closely at your life, you would agree with me that in almost all situations that happened to you-to some extent, you were in agreement with their conditioning. Your reactions or responses to those situations constituted the outcome. Nothing progresses effectively, unless by Right Principles of Functionalism. The knowledge and the right engagement of Principles, leads to effectiveness. ‘Greatness’ is a life’s pursuit desired by all. It is a component that is inherent in all creation. However, only a few achieve it. It is a quality of being distinctively impactful (or great as in size, skill, achievement, or power). In other words, ‘greatness’ is excellence, perfection, preeminence or supremacy. All of us yearn to be great in one area or the other. However, only a few arrive at this place of supremacy. We were made to flourish potently. Conversely, not many people reach this apex in life, let alone experience the sweetness of flourishing in their engagements. As much as greatness is within the creature, very few exemplify this nature.


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5 thoughts on “Principles for Personal Greatness

  1. Living life through principles is the best way to forge ahead. Having principles down and learning from them will help you make good judgements to similar situations in the future.

  2. Your book on Power of forgiveness is a powerful tool for every believer. It reminds me of the words of Jesus to the woman caught in adultery.”Go and sin no more”.

    I would recommend this book to those believers who are nursing bondages of unforgiveness. and self condemnation.

    1. Well structured knowledge to avail all the structure components for personal greatness. I’m persuaded if the principles are applied one has but to eventually actualize greatness.

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