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Many people run into multiple problems owing to their failure to manage their finances in a way that works for them. Invariably, the problems they cause themselves spill over to their performance and whether they are employees or business people, soon these problems begin to affect organizational performance. It is therefore in the interests of any organization that the people running it know and are able to manage their personal finances. This book goes beyond classroom knowledge to provide individuals with a practical model for financial independence. It seeks to demystify personal financial management by breaking it down to five simple steps in a model we term as SMAAT finance that any individual can apply with ease. This model helps individuals come up with practical ways of managing their personal finances in a manner that ensures they not only are able to live within their means, but also create surpluses within their current incomes for savings and investment. This model does not offer a ‘get-rich-quick’ miracle, but for sure promises a life of financial independence after careful application of the same.


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6 thoughts on “SMAAT Finance

  1. SMAAT Finance is a very insightful and practical book. It is also an easy to read. I would recommend it to all who desire to walk in financial health and independence. God bless you Jane.

  2. There’s a saying in my community that goes; “To make wealth may not be hard, but rather managing it is the difficult task”. This book is the ultimate answer to financial management. What a book.

  3. Financial freedom is much desired in today’s times of financial challenges. Thank you Jane for sharing a Financial management model to enlighten us.

  4. As you read through the book, the author helps you to see how your relationship with finance can affect your today and tomorrow based on the decision you make. I specifically liked the way she brought out the SMAAT finance model. The author brings it out so well that you can almost relate it to your day to day interaction with finances. For a very longtime I lived in one extreme, but after reading this book I realized, it was possible to have a balance and the author shows exactly how to navigate that.

  5. This book is a very useful to anyone seeking to Organise their personal finances in such a way as to meet their needs and create a surplus within their current incomes and save/invest to see their wealth grow.

    1. This resource gives a practical approach to personal financial management that ushers one into budgeting and saving that ultimately enables investment and multiplication of income.
      I highly recommend this book to any reader.
      Besides, if only this book was availed to our schools and colleges, the saving culture would be inculcated in our young people to become wealth creators rather than consumers.
      This is an exceptional piece.

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