We Don’t Teach That At The University

How does one survive in this world which is classified as vuca-volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous? What survival skills are needed in this world? Is the university education still relevant to the needs of the world? Why would a young graduate ask for career advice a few days after graduation? Why do parents have to look for jobs for their graduate children even after spending a lot of money educating them? I suggest answers to these and other questions using my experience as a student, Christian, lawyer and a lecturer at Makerere University.

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106 thoughts on “We Don’t Teach That At The University

  1. Daniel’s book addresses a very critical issue in Uganda today – youth unemployment. He presents the problem in a very simple way and offers practical solutions to what our generation of parents is grappling with, with respect to our children. “We don’t teach that at the University” is a very interesting read that even allows us to get to know Daniel better as a person. I enjoyed every bit of the book. Well done ssebo!

  2. Congratulations Daniel. This book is auitable for all age groups. Reading it gives one the desire to improve self. Very good read.

  3. Congratulations Dr. Daniel Ruhweza on this very precious book which says many things about education in all its manifestations. I have the privilege many of your readers do not have and the same convictions like you. the issues you bring out in this book, are at the core of life and meaningful life as it should be.

    This book reminds me of the little but meaning things that we shared together at Busoga College Mwiri, especially in my small office as a prefect. In this book, you have made me proud as a teacher, because it says the many things you have learnt in life and wish others to learn too. Should I say finally too? That in these things” We do not teach at the University”, Dr. Daniel Ruhweza does not hide his generous character; it is every where reflected in how he shares his personal life, fears and achievements. Thank you for deciding to be a mentor!

  4. I have read the book and it has indeed opened my eyes and given me so much wisdom that is not given while at the university. It is the right book for the right generation.

  5. This is an inspiring book. I wish I had personally read this book when I was still studying. The good thing however is that I now have it for my children who are the university and those going into university soon to read it. Thank you my dear son, you have made be proud my dear. God bless you.

  6. Congratulations for this milestone, Dr u are an inspiration to the youngsters. A must read for everyone

  7. Daniel is true to his form in this exciting and very informative book. It is a must read for any young person out there questioning him or herself as to what the future holds and the important decisions that need to be made in determining one’s future. I would recommend this book for any young person from the teen age to University graduates.

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