Beaten not Crushed by Pamela Babirukamu


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When adversity comes falling like hailstorms, finding your grip to carry on can be an uphill task. It is also said that difficult experiences can leave deep, sometimes permanent wounds and visible scars. Most people will go through adversity feeling like victims and not victors. Yet , ironically , struggling through adversity pushes us to grow in ways that ultimately make us wiser and live more fulfilling lives. Pamela like, every person who has been through adversity, has asked the question, does God truly care? She questions his true existence; she questions her identity and femininity; and her purpose too! Pamela lived what she describes as a shielded childhood in the 80\’s. She was rudely awoken by adversity upon adversity in a span of six years, just when she thought one was over, then another hit yet again. She lost her first job, experienced childlessness, failed fertility treatment, lost her brother, lost her 10-year marriage, lost property and went back to live with her parents at the age of 40. This story of how Pamela has bounced out of adversity and been restored into a place of purpose will inspire you. You will experience how God turned her messes into messages and gives her a platform to reach out to others!

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