Gems of Healthy Living by Jemimah Nzola


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Do you want to feel good about yourself? Do you want to look good? Does your emotional well-being matter? How is your mental prowess? How do you relate with others? Let’s talk about financial wellness…. are you working for money or is money working for you? What’s your worldview; do you believe in a deity? Is your life wholesome? We all desire all-rounded wellness. We all deserve empowerment in managing our health and living life well. We need to live a life devoid of ailments and diseases. “How do we do this?” I am glad you asked…. The fool-proof way to achieve this all-rounded wellness is through making piecemeal changes that will eventually reflect wholesomely. These could be: – Lifestyle changes, fitness, nutrition, and even changes in how you rest and rejuvenate. “Where do I start?” you ask. “The Gems of Healthy Living (All-rounded Wellness) book is here. It is loaded with insights and wisdom on wholesome living as well as easy steps towards transforming your life step-by-step in order to lead a fruitful and fulfilled life. The author- Jemimah Nzola is passionate about all things health and wellness. She is not only a qualified holistic nutritionist, she is also committed and devoted to continuous research on wellness and holistic wellness. Read this book and make it your wellness bible and see your life transform to a wholesome all-rounded lifestyle devoid of diseases, stress, social misnomers, and other maladies. Enjoy the read, buy for a dear one and let’s add life to our lives!

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