The Flip Side of Betrayal by Jean Wairimu Kamina


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This book unravels a puzzling paradox, a love story, and will take you through experiences from exotic countries, wrapped in sudden twists of fate. Can betrayal ever have a remedy? Is there a flip side to Betrayal? A woman, haunted by her past struggles to find herself amidst the pain of betrayal and ends up finding recourse in the most extraordinary ways by discovering The Flip Side of Betrayal. Betrayal is a bitter pill to swallow. It can cause deep seated bitterness, a bitterness that worms its way into the spirit, eating away at the soul like acid. Jessie, a successful entrepreneur with her own kitenge clothing line, had fallen prey to this evil seed and allowed it to take root in her life. Her whole life is turned around completely as a result of being betrayed. The Flip Side of Betrayal shows us that there can be a positive side to betrayal. Are you ready to experience your Flip Side of Betrayal?

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