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About The Award

African Christian Authors Book Award program recognizes, celebrates and promotes quality in Christian authorship in Africa. Presented annually to Christian authors, the Award program celebrates the "best of the year" in 10 categories. Finalists are chosen in each category and the Winners are announced and awarded at African Christian Authors Gala held at CLC Kenya's Family Reading Picnic each year.

In addition, the following titles are chosen:

  • African Christian Authors Content of the Year to represent the year's best book for its literary merit
  • African Christian Authors Book Cover of the Year to represent the year's best book cover for its design merit
  • African Christian Authors Book Program of the Year to represent the year’s best book for its extraordinary impact.
  • African Christian Publishers Pick.

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For 80 years since 1941, CLC International has been honouring God by "making Christian literature and resources available and accessible to all nations, to help people come to faith and maturity in the Lord Jesus Christ." In Kenya, CLC started in 2007 and has been impacting lives through Christian literature and publishing in Africa.

CLC Kenya celebrates and seeks to promote great books that impact the world by encouraging Christian authorship in Africa. Therefore, the African Christian Authors Book Award (ACABA) represents good reads and impact of Christian books in Africa each year.

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Great Christian authors in Africa

If you are looking for good reads by African Christian Authors, this is the place to be

  1. 4 months ago

    Daniel Kariuki

    I look forward to the 2022 awards. The ACABA awards are a great inspiration to our authors. Keep it up.

  2. 4 months ago

    Fredrick Mbai

    Power of forgiveness is an awesome read considering I’ve had a personal experience. I highly recommend. Well done Bernard for impacting lives.

  3. 6 months ago

    Patience Kamarunga, Author, Belonging

    What an honour! Thank you so much ACABA and CLC for making this dream a reality 👏🏾👏🏾

  4. 6 months ago

    Jane Harel, Author, Beautiful Thoughts

    My experience at the Acaba has been great and refreshing. I have met so many authors who share their writing through the word God. Also I thank the ACABA conveners and the team for planning and the good work. We look forward for a God ordained award event.

  5. 6 months ago

    Anthony Muchiri, Author, I Set Foot 👣

    As an author and River road self-published author (RIS)! All I can say is I saw God 🙏🏿 perform a miracle in my first seating at CLC Kenya. To be taken through the publishing process and to be given a choice to print on demand resurrected my dream of being an author in this world.

    Then in a flash ACABA came knocking and now my baby and book I SET FOOT! Got to stand and be seen by Africa and indeed the rest of the World.

    It’s been a humbling and super exciting journey to talk about African authors and the need the breed a reading culture among our children.

    Let’s us all follow In the Lord’s command in Genesis 1:28 “fill the earth and subdue it”.

    For me this is the command to go Set Foot 👣 in all the earth 🌎 and enjoy His creation.

    Congratulations to all the author’s that got nominated, to the winners Hongera hongeratulations!

    It’s our time to shine with our God given writing gifts let’s exploit them to the core for His glory alone.

    Thank you.

  6. 6 months ago

    Pst David Mebude, Author, My Pain Shall End in Glory

    During the lockdown God gave me the inspiration to write books which I did. I wrote about 10 in total with the mind to create a channel for the believers’ growth and becoming closer to God when churches were on a lock down. Little did I know that God has a bigger plan for me and my books. ACABA gave my books a platform and exposure. Am so grateful to God and to ACABA. Thank you CLC KENYA and ACABA

  7. 6 months ago

    Dr. Naomi Jebet Olero, Author, The 21st Century Hymns

    CLC/ACABA is an excellent program and platform that has a unique divine mandate that aims at nurturing authors to bring out the best in what God has deposited in them and also appreciate the good work done.

    I bless the Lord for them.

    I write Hymns – 21st Century Hymns and I appreciate that this forum has exposed me to deeper insights on how to write quality songs. The existence of the Hymn book has also been known and I believe it will influence people for God.

    I am encouraged to get more skills by enrolling with CLC to be trained on how to perfect my writing and come up with best products.

    May the LORD God bless you.

  8. 6 months ago

    Jimmy Nzioki, Author, The Gift of Presence

    ACABA for me has been a long wait, as I was among the earliest nominees in my category.

    The interaction with various authors and especially hearing their writing journeys proved to be of great encouragement as a common theme and challenge could be noticed from nearly all the authors.

    Furthermore, the visibility ACABA has offered to me and other East African authors has been tremendous. To this I’m very grateful.

    All the best to all the nominees in the various categories.

  9. 6 months ago

    Jennifer Favour, Author, You Are God’s Best

    My journey with ACABA was great…I was encouraged time and again to get back to write when I was feeling like giving up but the encouragement I kept getting from Mercy Muthoni, Pst David and others who challenged me to think deeper and pick myself up ( actually the Lord picked me up) kept me going… thanks to the whole team of writers who from time to time speak a Word from the Bible to affirm and confirm our calling as writers. I’m forever grateful for this blessed team. Special thanks too to Jackline Ingasian who has always been ready to share the next steps and guide whenever I needed guidance. May the Lord Jesus Christ replenish, refresh, rejuvenate and revamp all the staff and the writers and grant all the desires of our hearts. Amen 🙏

  10. 6 months ago

    James Kweri, Author, Born a Prince, Lived a Slave

    It’s been a blessing being part of a wider authors community, to see their work and also get regular inspiration from them. I view ACABA as a good platform for peer review and networking. Thank you for creating the platform and may it grow to fulfill many destinies.

    God bless

  11. 6 months ago

    Gilbert Angana, Author, Speed

    I have certainly learnt alot from ACABA interactions. Besides networking with fellow Kingdom influencers undertaking various Kingdom assignments, there has been valuable enrichment of my faith through devotions and the discussions facilitated by ACABA. Learning how to upskill in the common assignment in making disciples in every corner of the world through our gift of writing has be one of a kind. I am really greatful I am part of this family and network in this season.

  12. 6 months ago

    Emmanuel Ayiro, Co-author, The Daily Pursuit vol1

    This has been such an amazing experience. I want to take this opportunity to thank ACABA-CLC Kenya for all the work they are doing to ensure that African Christian Authors get a voice. And also the African market gets access to amazing material that would otherwise have not been known. I know I have not been able to be as fully involved, as I would have loved due to various commitments and challenges. That said, I am grateful for the ACABA team, for ensuring we are constantly informed, educated, motivated, encouraged, assisted in any way. May the Lord keep blessing you for the work you are doing. Your labour is not in vain.

  13. 6 months ago

    Margaret A. Vidolo, Author, The Diamond Underneath

    It’s been awesome. 20 years from now I see ACABA having scaled great heights for God’s glory.

  14. 6 months ago

    Dr. Daniel Rhuweza, Author, We Don’t Teach That at the University

    I am truly honoured to participate in the ACABA event. We have been kept engaged in various ways and we have been reminded of how authorship (especially christian authorship) is very critical in the world whose outlook and values are always shifting. This has not been a mere award ceremony but a year long session of mentorship amd fellowship. I am most grateful.

  15. 6 months ago

    Daniel Drileba, Author, Overcome Rejection

    I was blessed and enjoyed the awards inspite of the technical challenges. I am looking forward to the judges’ feedback and working on the book awards for 2022

  16. 6 months ago

    Daisy Kosgey, Author, Dear Little Sister

    Joining the ACABA program is the best thing that happened to me this season. It has opened my eyes to so many realities, opportunities and possibilities.
    I am so grateful for the many learning sessions. This was just priceless. Looking forward to the Awards Gala.

  17. 6 months ago

    Wangeci Githaiga, Co-author, Where Did The World Come From?

    Bringing together authors has been such a blessing and beneficial to learn from experiences of each other. This is the way to go! Congratulations ACABA!!!

  18. 9 months ago

    Julius Mwebia – Author, Conceive Achieve and Team Leader, Judges Committee

    The acaba journey this far has had a few challenges and a lot of excitements. Putting together a panel of judges was especially challenging. Getting the kind of men and women fitting the job was not easy. We were looking for born again men and women who are outstanding in their profession, ministry, calling or occupation, that would be willing to volunteer their service to ACABA cause. Ordinarily, such people are too busy to spare the kind of time judging required. We however prayed and trusted God to lead us to those He would want involved in this task and He did. God gave us men and women of impeccable character that have done a fantastic job that has made the whole journey exciting. It has also been exciting to see the kind of good authors this region has and ACABA partners that are passionate about promotion of a reading and writing culture in East Africa. To all of you that have made this year’s ACABA exciting and successful, may God mightily bless you.

  19. 9 months ago

    Kawira Baraka – Author, My Time With God

    I am blessed to have found myself on ACABA by the grace of God- courtesy of the Childrens’ Devotional; My Time With God.
    I have experienced untold love from the CLC group- The ACABA Conveners.
    I have met fellow writers who are incredible people and learnt much through the Social Media groups we are in together.
    I am particularly thankful for the lessons learnt in the area of writing that will go a long way into my writing journey.

    Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  20. 9 months ago

    Joyce Wakini – Author, Another Fabulous Year

    My experience with ACABA has been awesome. I have learnt a lot from my fellow authors and i do look forward to meeting all of them. Through ACABA, my book has covered a lot of mileage and I will surely not be the same person or book post-event. I wish them God’s blessings and more support because of all the marketing that they are doing for African books authored by African authors. The dreams of African Authors to reach other parts of the world are now totally possible.

  21. 9 months ago

    Florence Wanyonyi – Author, Rise and Shine

    Am happy to be here.. Really looking forward to tomorrow’s event..

    My experience so far has been seamlessly amazing.

  22. 9 months ago

    Sameul Asena – Author, Blessed to be a Blessing

    This has been an awesome experience for me, a chance to meet fellow authors in East Africa, Network, build relationships, share experiences and grow my reach as an author.

  23. 9 months ago

    Patrick Lavince – Author, Lust of My Ink

    My experience in ACABA has been eye-opening. It’s exposed me to the realms of possibilities, networks and opportunities.

  24. 9 months ago

    Truphie Njiru – Author, Where Did the World Come From and Echoes of Life

    It’s been an amazing experience as first time nominees for book awards. The meticulous planning for the first ever ACABA Gala Awards has been evident through the continuous and consistent updates of the progress being made. The details of the benefits to the nominees as an overall package are truly delightful and exciting. And the remedy many authors have sought to bring about – creating a reading culture in our community – is at the core of ACABA efforts, not just holding a Gala award for authors and moving on. This is evident from all the other activities to promote readership that are ongoing beyond the event. I’m delighted to be part of it all and what you are doing is truly commendable. 👌🏼

  25. 9 months ago

    Joyce Nyambura – Author, The Grand Love Story of all Time


    There is hope for Africa.
    We shall not just read for exams. Neither shall we just read newspapers.
    We shall read to know.
    For without knowledge, we perish.

    We have read from foreigners.
    For a long time.
    Time has come.
    When we will read from our minds.
    And why not?

    Muthoni steer through!
    ACABA team march on!
    Authors keep writing!
    The world is waiting;
    To hear the truth from Africa.
    For with God;
    All things are possible.

  26. 9 months ago

    Noreen Asekenya – Author, Mother My Hero

    ACABA is family. I have been blessed with the opportunity to e- meet and hear the stories of resilience from both amazing women and men with high intellect but above all with the Love of God .
    The journey has been worthwhile. I am humbled to be apart of it and I am looking forward to the next chapter

  27. 9 months ago

    Gladys Juma – Author, Managing Your Finances God’s Ways

    Being nominated for the ACABA 2021 award, the 1st one of its kind, is a great honour.

    When I was asked to register for it, early in the year, I was not sure what I was getting into. It was a busy season at the office I worked for, and everything, including registering for this award was getting in the way of my progress.

    Fast forward and looking back to the point I joined the team of nominees, the gains have been immense. I thank the CLC team for the great support. I have seen growth! By virtue of being a nominee, I gained entry into 2 exclusive WhatsApp groups, with a third recently created to solely support my journey.

    1. Spiritual growth – the constant sharing of God’s word, via scripture passages and devotion pieces has seen me grow in this area.

    2. Mental growth – from the words of encouragement from likeminded members to the passionately shared authorship journeys, it has been great learning. I have in the process grown my list of African books to read.

    3. Socially – I have managed to develop friendships I would otherwise not have made. I see opportunities for collaboration.

    The support from CLC has been commendable. Calling to make follow up, and to encourage, and to support a completion of a process, and to… the team is amazing. I thank them for going over and above. God bless the team!

    1. 4 months ago

      Peter Mwangi

      Very nice read

  28. 9 months ago

    Joshua Beti – Author, Destiny Achievers

    I greatly appreciate the entire ACABA fraternity for their obedience to God’s call to launch such a great movement.
    Personally, this initiative has really motivated me to do more- from the different online interactive sessions, to articles so rich in knowledge to help me as an upcoming author. This has been an eye opening experience, and am forever grateful to God.

    Long Live ACABA

  29. 9 months ago

    Begumisa Musinguzi – Author, In Search of Sanity

    My experience with ACABA has been transformational. And this is why:

    1. This growth space has shown me that working together in unity as authors has more impact than working as individuals. We have sharpened one another, shared our writing journeys and been blown away by the testimonies of the power of Christ to turn our lives around.

    2. I have received mentorship through the ACABA team about raising awareness for the book, getting a wider audience and trusting the process of time to see sales coming through. To have patience and wait on the Lord to do His work in the project.

    3. ACABA has given me an opportunity to make new friends in Nairobi especially and expand my network of fellow brethren in Christ.

    Surely, it has been one of my highlights this year. Blotting out the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic that have caused so much pain and suffering.

  30. 9 months ago

    Gideon Nyakiongora – Author, Why Jesus Christ and Amazing Love

    My experience in ACABA has been good. At first I didn’t how big ACABA was. I saw an organization doing a books award and thought my entry and listing as a nominee was all that I needed to do and that’s all. I didn’t there would be a lot of engagement and teaching and training authors in a very proactively. It’s a very lively organization all round and I would encourage them not to relent.

  31. 9 months ago

    Angela Nsimbi – Author, Breaking Free

    My experience with the ACABA has been fun, hectic and a learning journey. I have learnt that a book sale is not an end in itself. I know that a book has life it will outlive me. I see this as an opportunity to celebrate Africa God’s way! Celebrating African talent, authors who we can quote instead of always quoting foreigner authors. ACABA is a platform that allows growth, restoration and healing. I am glad to share my testimony of my recovery journey of bipolar. I have got the privilege to grow beyond Uganda with a network of authors. I am growing my book program by supporting people struggling with their mental health to plan their Wellness Recovery Action Plans. The book has also given me authenticity with more doors of opportunity opening before me!

  32. 9 months ago

    David Mutisya – I’ll Fix It Myself

    ACABA has been born in its due time to answer to the need of sanitising literature consumed by the nuclear families in Africa and beyond.

    My experience in ACABA has been remarkable: talk of the educative forums, provocative conversations, inspirational devotions and encouragement.

    This is indeed a balanced diet to budding and established authors in their Christian devotion to dominate the mountain of education in this generation.

    Keep it up ACABA and make it bigger and bigger every other time.

  33. 9 months ago

    Jackline Ingasian

    My experience in planning team has been amazing and with lots of lessons to learn and great people who have made me appreciate each of them in a special way and looking forward to many years of impacting more authors for the Glory of God. The leaders in each team have given themselves selflessly to the work which has made everything very easy and doable I couldn’t ask for a better team. I love this song and would love to share. To God Be The Glory Great things He has done…….

  34. 9 months ago

    Dr. Carol Chakua – ACABA 2021 Judge

    There is hope for authorship in Kenya. The books I read are well researched and well thought through. The authors had the audiences in mind as they wrote the book – not just a matter of writing for the sake of writing. Dr. Carol Chakua

  35. 9 months ago

    Terry W. Mwenda – ACABA 2021 Judge

    It was an honour to be a part of the 2021 Award Program. I feel inspired, challenged and amazed by the wonderful books I’ve read, the insightful judges I’ve worked with, and the selfless staff at CLC Kenya who’ve been such wonderful encouragers. This event is the beginning of great things to come. Terry W. Mwenda

  36. 9 months ago

    Albert Kiplagat Chumo – ACABA 2021 Judge

    It was tough but at the same time exciting to be a part of the 2021 judging panel, Tough because I had a lot of work from my work place and assignments from school in addition to the reading and judging of the books given. Exciting because it gave me an opportunity to interact and learn from the work of different authors. This experience has challenged and given me a reason to write even more. Albert Kiplagat Chumo

  37. 9 months ago

    Bill Dindi – ACABA 2021 Judge

    I confess, to my shame that I haven’t been as intentional about sampling local writers. This judging experience has opened my eyes to the amazing wealth and depth of writing talent around our country. I was inspired, challenged and uplifted as I went through the various books. I look forward to being part of this process again in future and being more intentional about looking out for local writers, books and content. Thanks for the opportunity! Bill Dindi

  38. 9 months ago

    Apostle Patrick Muriithi – ACABA 2021 Judge

    Africans have a lot to write about and with good plans, great African books will be published. I challenge our authors: (i) There is need to get training on writing and publishing. (ii) Publishing is an investment so authors must be willing to pay the price to get their books on even higher standards, and (iii) The content was rich but there is need to organize the content for maximum impact of the message. Apostle Patrick Muriithi

  39. 9 months ago

    Rev Josephine Nguuh – ACABA 2021 Judge

    I was greatly encouraged at so great potential of African authorship. (i) The opportunity to read from men and women making a mark in the society that I may not have gone out of my way to choose to interact with their works was such an experience, and (ii) Reading so many books in a few months was a good challenge. Rev Josephine Nguuh

  40. 9 months ago

    Sarah Kirui – ACABA 2021 Judge

    My judging experience for the 2021 Award program was so amazing. This is because I realize that we have great Authors in East Africa and Africa at large. I also understood that when e put the challenges and blessings we are facing a a continent in the form of books, it will be of great help to the readers.
    It is also a blessing to partner with Christian Literature Communication( CLC) Kenya because you will be in contact to different Christian authors inspired by God. Sarah Kirui

  41. 9 months ago

    Fridah K. Nambaka – ACABA 2021 Judge

    Authors did a good job, however there is need to address practical issues in addition to the Biblical teachings. (i) Quoting the Bible is good but not pasting the entire chapter to cover a full page. (ii) Quote other authorities while writing in order to give credit here it is due – some books did not have a bibliography. (iii) Encourage reflections unless the books are fictional. (iv) Take time to research on the topic and content and try to bring out something new. Fridah K. Nambaka

  42. 9 months ago

    Noreen Asekenye

    Proud of you

  43. 1 year ago

    Henry Chokera

    Very inspiring

  44. 1 year ago

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