Dr. Daniel M'Mutungi

Dr. Daniel Muriithi M’Mutungi is an ordained Methodist minister. He studied theology at Manchester University in England; United Theological Seminary in Ohio, USA; and Boston University School of Theology, Massachusetts in USA. His expertise includes high school teaching, college and school chaplaincy, foreign cross-cultural pastoral ministry, as well as seminary and university teaching. Dr. M’Mutungi is also a State Department of Culture – registered herbal Doctor in Kenya. He loves Biblical theology and environmental science. He has planted trees since childhood.

He heads Oldanya Organic, which grows, processes, and sells African herbal health products. He believes each stage of life should be transformed to glorify God. He lives in Ngong, Kenya, with his wife, Lucy Nyambura Muriithi. Their blended family includes two sons, two daughters, and four grandchildren.


Books by Dr. Daniel M'Mutungi

“Impacting lives with Christian literature”

God’s Calling

This is a memoir of the author, Dr. Daniel M. M’Mutungi, and his late wife Evangeline. The book provides a panoramic view of their lives together for many years: from courting to marriage, work life, family life, education, and countless other aspects in between, until Evangeline died after a brief illness.

In a very authentic and Biblical manner, Dr. Daniel shares their adventure of love and loss, faith and doubt, mystery and discovery, hope and despair, joy and sadness, loyalty and betrayal, right and wrong, marriage and remarriage, instant and gradual, beginnings and endings, in his usual reflective, witty, humorous, and intense style.

~ Prof. Rebecca Oladipo Daystar University

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Impacting Lives With Christian Literature

CLC Kenya Ministries

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