A Journey with Christ for Children Book 4

This book exposes the snares of the enemy against our children. It uncovers the dangers of demonic cartoons, evil movies, traps of magic, Satan in Halloween, ungodly music and movies, hazardous internet sites, and many other topics. Both parents and children need to be vigilant to ensure that they are not exposed to ways that will lead them to destruction. The little ones will find their way to a joyous, righteous and fruitful life. The children will learn about the love of God and His salvation laced with the Word of God plus astounding stories & testimonies with colorful, fun pictures. This is a must read for children of all ages.


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57 thoughts on “A Journey with Christ for Children Book 4

  1. We bless God that children are able to interact with such a powerful book. May they truly see God through this book in the middle of a cosmetic world that they’re growing up in.

  2. I bought this book for my sons. I have truly witnessed transformation with my boys. It’s awesome to have it in my library.

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