A Journey with Christ

Lydia was seated on her bed reading her Bible on an ordinary August morning, oblivious of what she was about to hear and what would become her life from that day forward. Her son and nephew rushed into her bedroom. Her son was shouting, “Mum, there were two angels at the gate at night!” Her son was six years old at the time. He held her face and said, “I know the names of the two angels. They are called Angel Gabriel and Angel Michael.” The two boys went on to say that Angel Michael was at the right side of the gate and was holding his sword facing upwards, while angel Gabriel was on the left side of the gate and had his sword pointing downwards. She was amazed! How did they know the names of these two mighty archangels? Instantly, she realized that her son had had a supernatural encounter, together with his five-year-old cousin! This was the beginning of a series of incredible journeys with Jesus Christ. This book records their breathtaking trips to heaven and hell, their conversations with God the Father, their encounters with angels, relatives they met in heaven, and even the twenty-four elders who worship before the Throne of God all day and all night. These encounters will reveal to you how God is using children to bring home the simple truth that the Bible is the Word of God, heaven is real, and the only way to get there is through Jesus Christ, His Son.

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58 thoughts on “A Journey with Christ

  1. This book delivered me from the darkest places in life,I was seriously addicted to drugs abd couldn’t go a day without them.My sister brought me this book to read,I tell u I saw the light,my eyes opened up,I got delivered ,saved,restored ,I can’t tell it all,I thank God ,u thank God for raising such a powerful author,Life changing books literally,from the darkness to light experience for me.

  2. One of my relatives had really been sick in hospital for weeks and weeks, she was giving up in life ,she had completely lost hope,until my mum brought this book for her to read,this book gave her life,hope in Christ,new lease of life , happiness,new health.
    This book truly gave my relative life plus many other family members got born again through these books,we continue reading them and sharing the great about Christ.

  3. I know the author personally and have heard about conversations with our Lord Jesus Christmas narrated by then small kids even before the books were out on stores.
    Amazing. Inspiring.

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