A Legacy of Prayer

parenting gives us great joy and can also be a source of great pain. through prayer, we can petition God for the lives of our children every day and deliberately commit their lives before the throne of God who loves and cares for them. life can be busy and sometimes we fail to pray for those we love and care the most–our children. God has not called us to be perfect parents but praying parents.

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19 thoughts on “A Legacy of Prayer

  1. Being Catherine’s first born son is honestly an incredible experience. I am sure Mom has gone through the most raising us 3 and in this book, she has captured her care and love for us.
    This book captures intimate moments where she has fought battles for us silently on her knees. I can surely attest to seeing the Lord in my Life and I could not be more greatful to God for a Mom who prays and Loves unconditionally.
    This is a beautiful book for any parents out there who Love their children and want God’s plan in their childs lives come to pass.

  2. It’s such a wonderful book for personal spiritual growth, to parents and to those entrusted to take care of young children and see them grow …#winning young souls to the kingdom

  3. Thanks for sharing this great and educative information.i learn that pray for our children is a great deal for them

  4. A Legacy of Prayer by Cathrine Maina is a great manual guide for parents who are praying for their children. As Cathrine says, prayer is the the greatest legacy that our children can inherit from us. Thank you Cathrine for taking time to write this wonderful book.

  5. A Legacy of Prayer is written from the heart. Catherine helps the reader to understand that praying for the children should be prioritized by every parent for the obvious reasons. Thanks Catherine for this gift.

  6. The book is a must read for everyone. I highly recommend it. In one way or another we interact with children

  7. Catherine simply writes what she believes and believes what she writes. This is a timeless resource for parents raising children of influence. A tool to turn us from spectators to stewards of our children. And Catherine’s life is a spectacular testament of the secrets therein.

  8. This is a must read book by all parents who aspire to partner with God in parenting. It contains great insights on praying scriptures over our children. Catherine righty puts it that we are not called to be perfect parents but praying parents. May we answer God’s call to pray for our children. I unreservedly recommend this book to all parents

  9. A legacy of prayer is such a wonderful book to be read by anyone because directly or indirectly we all have children around us. The author poured out her heart in response to obey God while writing this book, I can attest that she is indeed a prayerful woman and I am a beneficiary of her praying for me.

  10. I believe it is a great book worth reading especially to us that aspire to be parents in future. I would love to purchase one

  11. Thank you for sharing your story. I have been challenged moreso to understand that God does not exoect perfection from me but praying. I am just but a steward of these precious beings. Blessings

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