HARMONY – Understanding Temperaments to Build a Strong Relationship in Marriage & Family

In all human relationships, marriage and family stands out. It is the bedrock of the society founded by God. This book is founded on the principle that God made marriage and He intended for it to work. A successful marriage is built diligently on love and care. God created each person with a unique personality. In marriage, the understanding of each other’s personalities is critical. This book will help you find God’s guidance to critical questions regarding your temperaments and how to work them out as a couple. The book discusses temperaments from a psychological standpoint and also shares biblical principles on the same. May this book help you experience joy and fulfilment in your relationships, marriage and family.


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8 thoughts on “HARMONY – Understanding Temperaments to Build a Strong Relationship in Marriage & Family

  1. Congratulations James on your book it’s a great area that hasn’t been sufficiently addressed. The family being the core foundation of the society its important to have everything in order and in place for a good foundation and growth of a Nation. Thank you! #Marriage #Family #ThaRemnant254

  2. Will definitely recommend to my family and friends. I have know Mr. J Gitonga for very many years and I have seen his consistence and commitment in the things of God.

  3. harmony is that book for anyone in marriage or is planning to start a family or maybe in a relationship should read because it embrace everything we as the society needs before starting a family. The knowledge and wisdom in this book you’ll never find it in the classroom. CONGRATULATIONS JAMES GITONGA.

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