Born A Prince, Lived A Slave

I have seen slaves on horseback, while princes go on foot like Slaves in Ecclesiastes 10:9 is the inspiration behind this book. Men are born with the correct blue print, destined to be princes enjoying dominion on earth. The Earth is created for man to thrive. It has features, possibilities, plants, gases and liquids that are specially made to enable man to thrive. When a man is not thriving on the Earth, there is a problem. And this is the problem that this book seeks to address. Why does man seem to be in conflict with nature? The level of suffering on the earth in form of poverty, disease, political and emotional upheavals are exceedingly great. The level of crime, divorce, suicide, terrorism and lack of basic provisions is a paradox to the perfect environment God had set for his beloved creation. Adam was a wonder creature of God; God set the earth for his provision. When you walk across the world today, this does not seem to make sense. In this book, a proposal is made that a man has to obey certain laws in nature to regain his rightful position. The laws are provisional laws that will help a man unshackle himself from the possibility of slavery and give him freedom to enjoy the privilege of walking as per God’s divine plan.

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22 thoughts on “Born A Prince, Lived A Slave

  1. This is a great read and it was an eye opener for me to realize how God has blessed me abundantly with resource that I’m yet to exploit.gteat work James

  2. Congratulations James.
    “God set the earth for his provision. When you walk across the world today, this does not seem to make sense”.

    ..may this book make it make Sense to man that God’s intention when setting the Earth was for man’s provision and not destruction.

  3. Amazing content just from the preview. Its worth the effort and a Must Read. Go!Go! James Go!

  4. In deed it is well prepared and polished messages to today readers and leaders, and in many more generation to come. God bless you James.

    1. Inspiring- Indeed the reality of today’s humanity born a prince lived a slave…mankind needs a complete paradigm shift

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