Mother my Hero

Every day we meet a new person, and when we extend our hands to greet them or say hello, we spread love and show kindness and respect. Every child needs to know this basic skill that helps children make friends and feel more confident in their interactions with other people.

148 thoughts on “Mother my Hero

  1. I remember the days at the university when you were writing this book, am proud of you sweetheart, may God bless the work of your hands pumpkin. Love you

  2. Thank you Noreen Asekenye. Your book makes a great contribution to the foundational values id our children.👌

  3. Well done 👍 Noreen Asekenye.
    Today’s children are better off because of this value adding book.

  4. This books definitely makes me feel all the bonds with my mother. It’s mother my hero indeed. Good luck Asekenye

  5. The book speaks to the young generation, a generation so detached from the core African values, I love the whole theme and I hope it’s impact never knows limits

    Thank you the good work.

    1. I would buy your book any time…great inspiration to the younger generation. Congratulations for your nomination.

  6. Children often need our guidance & support, and writing a book like ‘Mother my Hero’ is total devotion to bettering a future generation. Keep up Noreen.

      1. Thanks alot Asekenye eyalamanoyi it’s really good to help these young people mostly the ones of this generation cause alot is really happening I too I try counselling a little I come across cause it’s my passion and also looking forward to writing a book though still luck guidance as reading is my passion too

        1. Good book every teen of this generation should have a copy. Also support Noreen to the next step/level.

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