Breaking Free

A psychiatrist survivor lives to tell her mental health story in a candid and relatable manner. Angela Kamugasa Nsimbi, the author takes the reader on a journey that conveys the tough reality of managing a mental disorder as a mother to 5 children, a career woman, wife, journalist and now a Mental Health Activist. Her story is one that shows the dangers of covering up pain. Her epiphany is when bipolar came knocking at her door, shaking all that she held dear. It’s a story that depicts how one navigates through the journey called life by getting support of medical institutions, family,peers and most importantly the BIBLE. Through the pages of the BIBLE healing flows to heal the broken hearted. This story makes you pay attention to the little details, especially in this season when anxiety levels are heightened. Our Mental Health matters!

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58 thoughts on “Breaking Free

  1. Congratulations Angela on the nomination. Thank you for telling your story. The world needs more women like you.πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ. You have my vote

  2. A sure best-seller by a lady I personally respect for her open, candid and inspirational thoughts. This book ‘must belong’ to your special book case.

  3. I am both honoured and humbled by the meticulous content. This book can help save lives. There are many unheard voices going through hell. It’s a MUST read especially in these challenging times of Covid-19. Be Blessed Beyond Measure Angela Nsimbi Kamugasa

  4. Angela, explores the implications of how life experiences can impact one’s mental health. From being a seemingly carefree young mother – career woman and educated, Angela’s story demonstrates that mental health challenges can happen to anyone. She explores the impact of bottling things in – the dangers and makes recommendations on how to tackle this. Angela has really been selfless by sharing personal details in the hope of helping others to seek help before things escalate. She has called out mental illness and the stigma surrounding it making it powerless to limit her, she has broken out of boxes society would want to confine her into simply because she has had a mental health challenge and by sharing her story empowers others to do the same. Her story offers hope for anyone going through a mental health crisis and their family and loved ones, dawn is coming and indeed sorrow may last for a night but joy comes in the morning.
    She credits, Jesus, the Word of God and the support of her family for her recovery and is now out in the community helping others regain their lives in what can be a very lonely journey.

    “Breaking Free – I am not Bipolar” is brave, challenging, pushes the boundaries but mostly importantly, is HOPEFUL!

  5. Very exceptional bad,so many people with BAD(bipolar affective disorder) are left out in the society thanks for standing out with such.

  6. Thank you for telling the story. Just readying the excerpt informs what a good read this is but beyond the book the healing derived from the truth in the Word of God.

    May ALL battling mental illness find healing.

  7. Angella you are one of the most courageous woman I have seen writing a story about your mental health issues. You did this because you love and cherish, did it want to see others suffer yet there are solutions. God bless you

  8. This is beautiful and encouraging. We’ve longed for stories of mental health. Thank you Angela

  9. Angela, this is very inspiring especially to the challenged with the same situation. I am sure they now
    have a reason to keep living on for ahead of them there is Light!!!

  10. I read the book as soon as I got my hands on it. Everything is written so beautifully & extremely easy to understand. This book is brilliant. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to start or even further their healing journey!I love the recaps at the end of each chapter and the question section at the end of each chapter. The personal sharing of the author drives home her deep understanding of the problem. It is nice to know that she now works as a mental health activist providing awareness for people who are going through or have gone through any sort of mental health problems. In todays world where mental health Is still a taboo, I commend the author on her bravely. We need to talk. Put the kettle on and let it all out and brea free. This book is as comforting and validating as it is informative. I am very happy I have it.

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  11. Thank you for sharing your story. May it impact many lives out there. Such a timely book for the times we are in.

    1. Indeed it timely. Thankyou πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ for that observation, COVID 19 pandemic has brought Mental Health issues to the forefront because of the uncertainty.

  12. This a must read book. One that reflects what has been killing many silently. May Gid continue to use such people like Angela

  13. I salute you Angela for this milestone of sharing your personal life challenges with the world so that you can heip initiate and strengthen a “Break Free” process for those struggling and longing for deliverence from evil foces which hinder humanity from enjoying life as God intended them to be. May God continue to bless your ministry.
    Amooti Bazarrabusa

  14. This is lived experience. It’ll sure help fight stigma en help someone out there. Mental health is human health. Great storytelling here. Very readable. Highly recommend. Thanks Angela πŸ™πŸΎ

      1. Well done on the first edition on mental health. It is a no go area for people to.openly discuss the challenges of mental health. Speaking about it and ways we can work through Godly practices to rebuild the lives of those affected. I salute you Angie.

  15. This book is a Testimony of what God can do. I have read this book and it’s a must read for couples and singles. A true journey of healing restoration and transformation. Thank you Angela for this great work.

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