Breaking Trans-generational Family Chains

Have you ever pondered why you behave the way you do? Are you wondering why negative family patterns have held you hostage? Have you ever interrogated why specific string of dilemmas seem to follow you? Be it separation, divorce, suicide, poverty, infidelity, alcoholism, domestic abuse or any other limiting patterns that you experience, believe it or not, your generational batons handed down to you from your family of origin through social learning may have played a significant role in the formation of your life disposition and belief systems! Breaking Trans-generational Family Chains brings these negative patterns out as bloodline weaknesses or trans-generational family transmissions. The book demystifies what is commonly believed to be “curses” within families and help you recognize that these could just be negative practices that you erudite through environment and upbringing. Further, the book points the reader to the fact that they can unlearn these erroneous life dispositions through information and discerning the centrality of God in overcoming such patterns. It enables you to sightsee five most common negative family configurations that are enslaving and might dictate the state of your next generation unless you make a conscious decision to break the chain. This book helps you to do that through effective and appropriate psycho-spiritual approaches.


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2 thoughts on “Breaking Trans-generational Family Chains

  1. Breaking Trans-generational Family Chains is a must-read for all. It opens your eyes to the unknown.

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