Despite Everything

As a mother of three, a wife, and a career woman, pursuing a PhD initially seemed like the hardest thing to do. In this book, Diana delves into her emotional yet fulfilling journey to attaining her PhD on government scholarship in Hungary. She details the pains and joys of leaving her young family in Kenya to focus on her studies abroad. Her experiences highlight the struggles women go through to realize their professional dreams amidst the busy and complex world. What would we need to create a supportive world for women to help them achieve their professional goals in the face of the demands of family? This book endeavors to shed light on what a supportive world for women can look like and how everyone can be involved. From Diana’s experiences, you are guaranteed to find a balance and join the movement to create a world that facilitates women to achieve their dreams, Despite Everything!

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22 thoughts on “Despite Everything

  1. “If you educate a man, you educate an individual. But if you educate a woman, you educate a nation.” This well-known African Proverb that has long been motivating people around the world to strive for education for all. However, when a woman attempts to reach the pinnacle of education,it is viewed as over ambitious and somewhat selfish. For Diana to ward through these tough waters speaks volumes of her strength and tenacity. No doubt it will all count.keep influencing Diana!

    1. I agree with your sentiments dear. Thank you so much Pamela for your encouragement. Let us keep influencing. Much appreciated!

  2. They say “If you educate a man, you educate an individual. But if you educate a woman, you educate a nation.” This well-known African Proverb has long been motivating people around the world to strive for education for all. However, in Africa still a woman who is striving to live life to her full potential is seen as over ambitious and relegating her duties to pursue

  3. Such an inspiration.Wangeshi embodies the true symbolism of a queen. Indeed, one does not have to sacrifice their hobbies to be a pacesetter!!

  4. A story of resilience, sheer hard work and determination. It is an evergreen inspiration to always go get what one wants.

    The book answers the question ‘who says we can’t have it all when we put out mind to it?’

    Affirms that destiny is choice not chance.

    Awesome read through and through!!

  5. This book portrays a journey of resilience and also assures that anyone can achieve their dream amidst all odds. I really like her hubby’s support in her PhD journey: a lesson to everyone (especially couples) that support to your spouse is actually support to yourself. Wangeshi has also shown that you are your own barrier to your own success.
    In deed you can achieve and become what you desire despite everything.
    I strongly recommend everyone to read this book “Despite everything”.

  6. The book is quite insightful and inspiring not only to those who are determined to further their studies but also to those who are sacrificing their time in pursuant of life goals. It aptly puts the necessity of balancing ones life in the journey of self development.

  7. Encouraging book especially to us who desire to further our studies outside country but we fear because of leaving our family behind.I can now rise above my fears

  8. This is book is for all mother’s who doubt they can do it, to all women who have reservations on going for it, to everyone who thinks there’s a shortcut to success. Wangeshi, your resilience, ambition and success is an inspiration to us, keep going and keep growing.

  9. I love the resilience displayed in Diana’s book, being a mother and a wife it takes a lot of courage and a supportive husband to conquer against all odds.
    This paves a way for every woman out there to persue their dreams because it is possible to achieve your best potential.
    Women are more than caregivers and can contribute to wealth of knowledge and building the nation.
    I recommend this book, despite everything

  10. I read this book in 3 days, why? Being a mom of 2, wife, and a business lady have desired to study abroad. I didn’t know how to navigate yet maintain balance for all of them till I read this book.

    It guide on step by step, real life experiences which are so raw and uncut. I have come to appreciate technology, this how the author was able to connect with ease with her family while studying miles away.

    I specifically loves her summary of what worked for her to succeed and I will borrow some of the tips on my case. Again the process of scholarship application and qualification is well elaborated.

    Truly intrinsic motivation and self-drive helped Dee to persevere the challenges and sail through to the end. Thanks Diana for this masterpiece. You’re my Heroine. Blessings 💖

    1. Thank you Eunice
      Your words really encouraged me and validated my book. Thank you for the positive vibes and I am rooting or you as you push for your dreams

  11. When I read the book I was inspired because the author is a doer. I was motivated by her as a character in the book. How she always planned, her hardworking nature and proactivity. I have learned a lot from her most of which has come as a lesson at a vital time since I am in University. Her style of writing is simple and easy to understand you just yearn for the next word, statement and page. I am so happy that she got to write about her story because it will guide so many young people like me.

    1. Thank you Maryanne.
      I am grateful to God for using me to tell my story. I am thankful that it inspires you and many others to be doers. God bless you

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