Building Blocks for Life Book 1

Simplified Bible teachings and theological thoughts for daily devotion and general reading. Building blocks for life book 1 is a collection of teachings and guidance purposed to bring clarity on the subject of Spirituality and Faith. The book explores a variety of topics and puts them into perspective in relation to teachings from the Holy Bible. The book tackles matters such as; understanding God, the relationship among human beings, the relationship between human beings and God, salvation, the Church, the daily lives of those in the Christian faith, and restoration.

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47 thoughts on “Building Blocks for Life Book 1

  1. I look forward to laying my hands on this book, and receive the blessing that lies in the pages. The author has been very inspiring in his other pieces of writing, and I can only look forward to this one!

    God bless you.

  2. Knowledge is power, this book just erinch, equipt, uplift, encourage and help you to unleash the power you just need as one faces daily life huddles to avoid faith fatigue!

  3. I haven’t had a chance to read this book, however, I am persuaded that it must be a n excellent book. I have come to know Rei Kesis through his daily blogs that he write every morning. His unique feature of writing is that,he can draw numerous practical life application from just a few verses of the scriptures that sometimes may seem insignificant. I believe he is an inspired writer.

  4. I appreciate this for author for his efforts of studying the word of God tirelesslyand as a result has been able to touch the livelihood of all people in the society holistically. May this book gain access to every individual who’s full of the desire for life changing skills. Blessings!

  5. The book is a real building block for life on the way to christ. The topics relate to daily life. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to start their day with God.

  6. Easy Read for Children and Adults.
    It’s a blessing for the whole family.
    Am glad I have a copy.
    Do you?

  7. This book touches on very important topics in spiritual nourishment.I like the book and I am planning to purchase the book soon.

  8. Building blocks of life is a very inspiring easy to read and understand spiritual book that has greatly helped me to grow spiritually. I use it every day in my daily devotion at home and church.
    God bless the author.

  9. Building Blocks for Life book 1 is a very nice book. As the title of the book itself is, the book has built my life. Daily spiritual nourishment, inspirations and real life experiences. It has answered many questions believers ask in the Christian Journey for example, sequence of end time events, the three Angel’s message and many others. It also gives encouragement to daily life.
    May God bless the author Dr. Rei for more.

  10. Theological thoughts have never been simpler to understand and relate with until I beheld and read through this author’s books! And building blocks for life is among my favorite from this series! Thank you Dr. Rei for this gift! You write, we read and lives are sure positively impacted through this process. Keep on keeping on!
    Be blessed 🙏

  11. The book is just what I needed to clarify doubts I had about the Bible. I go to it every time I feel I lack understanding of common topics. Thank you for writing it and making it available to us. God bless you

  12. Life’s twists and turns make it quite challenging. The book ‘Building Blocks for Life’ presents the reader vital lessons and an approach to life that is practical, simple and effective. I highly recommend this book.

  13. In my journey as a Christian and a small time reader, I have come to love and like this book by Dr. Rei Kesis, it’s a open book that describe life and our spirituality in an open way and easy to anderstand. For my devotions and also spiritual bite at breaktimes or free time, I get to enjoy alot.

  14. A very well written and inspiring book that everyone who seeks to grow spiritually must read! I’m glad I got my copy!

  15. Building Family block is an incredible book of daily devotion to me. It’s a wonderful book for each family

  16. This book has been great for my daily devotion. It has simplified Bible teachings and puts them into perspective in regards to the times that we are living in..

  17. Firstly I would encourage to set your expectations also get everything into one place where by should ensure thre is effective communication concerning the project in that your colleagues, friends, believers etc can have access of ..
    2. Secondly, I would help you advertise the project too as much as I have more groups as well as viewers & give more details about the project

  18. I can not wait to read this book. your books are always informative and spiritually uplifting

  19. This book is biblical based, addressing really life situations. It is to understand and apply. I have a scopy. Blessed.

  20. True to the Title, Your Daily devotions are truly Blocks that are helping us Build our Faith and Move closer to our Ultimate Goal, Eternal life.
    Thank you for always feeding us spiritually.

  21. A great book with great inspirational counsels. Encouraging everyone to have a copy, your life will change a great deal.
    Thank you

  22. This is a good devotional book l have read it thank you Dr Kesis for your effort through the Holy Spirit.

  23. It is brings the texts from the bible to the heart. It equips and give courage to teach once read. It has made my devotion so easy,meaningful, addictive,enjoyable and easy to share. It’s a book of my time as a young parent.

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