Choose To Forgive

In choose to forgive you will learn that forgiveness runs the economy of the heart. Once you choose to, you will save the cost of losing friends. You will also save medical bills because maybe the physical illness which you have struggled with for years was caused by unforgiveness. You might be subjecting people around you to stress, paying your hospital bills, yet you have the cure within you. I challenge you to forgive and experience total liberation, gratitude, peace, wholeness and great health.

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9 thoughts on “Choose To Forgive

  1. Forgiveness is the key to love, peace and harmony. Am happy that you chose to write about forgiveness and i love the lesson you impacting onto the readers and public as well. God bless you Joy

  2. Expectations that we have from our friends and relatives sometimes cause us pain when they’re not met. Choose to forgive will enlighten you on how to let go and live a more fulfilling life.

  3. Choose to Forgive is a big inspiration and has had a positive impact to my life and that of my family. Thank you Joy for this great work.

  4. The book choose to forgive will help you in identifying some of the reasons why forgiveness is important and also help you to carry out forgiveness more than you did before. This book has personally impacted my life. Congratulations Joy and thank you for this gift that you have given to us.

    1. Choose to forgive is a great book to read over and over.Thank you Joy for the highlight on the importance of forgiveness.After reading this book,I have been able to evaluate my relationships and mended those that were broke.I choose to forgive!

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