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Decision Points – Memoirs of a Working Mother   

This book is a discussion on intentional parenting. It revolves around the decision points  that Esther, a working mother, made, as she intentionally raised her children between the ages of 0 -12 years. Esther openly shares her memoirs on her parenting journey; the highs and lows, as well as the challenges she has gone through and how she has handled the said challenges. Decision points is an invaluable guide for anyone involved in raising children from 0 -12 years, including educators, grandparents, parents, support teams and the extended family. It is a voice for many working mothers who are grappling with the challenge of raising children in today’s world. It is also an invaluable guide to young mothers who wish to learn from the experiences of other working mothers.

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  1. 3 months ago

    Pamela Babirukamu

    Decision points is by far the most impactful parenting book i have read. intentional parenting is one of the missing ingredients in todays parenting. with the hustle and bustle of life parents have left their children’s future to chance. thanks Esther for writing

  2. 4 months ago


    A very intimate, raw and deeply relatable story. With hopes of becoming a mother myself someday in the near future, this book has become a foundation of how to gracefully raise my little ones on the firm ground of my cultural traditions and still be open to the ever changing and culturally diverse world we live in.

  3. 4 months ago

    chemutai mary constance

    This book is like a manual for raising children in the 21st century.

  4. 4 months ago

    Stella Muheki

    This book is the support we all need as young mothers juggling career and family, It remains rooted in traditional values on raising children amidst the 21st century pressure. It gives grounded insights to raising all-round children. I still go back to read a chapter or two when lost for solutions to my own challenges of motherhood. Good Job Ms. Katende.

  5. 4 months ago

    Dinah Miiro

    Good Job Esther! Proud of You.

  6. 5 months ago

    Kato Katende

    The Memoirs of A Working Mother is not gender specific. It is an invaluable resource for dad’s aswell. The central idea is that intentionality has to be front and center of all parenting decisions. Instinctively parents know what is best for their children albeit at the risk of ridicule from friends and family. This book gives you the permission to do so. Well done Ese.

  7. 5 months ago

    Kaala Madelene

    Memories of a working mother really inspired me to put in a little more effort to guide my children to reach their God given gifts.

  8. 5 months ago

    Dora Kemirimo Okuja

    Esther shares her story with such candidness and vulnerability. It is good to read about a mum who lives in the same era as me and to learn that you can intentionally raise a child. She gives great insights into the difficulties of being a working mum and how God brought her through.

  9. 5 months ago

    Geraldine Bazarwa

    This book provides good counsel from someone that seeks and knows God. Without counsel purposes are disappointed: But in the multitude of counsellors they are established – Proverbs 15:22. This is a must read for parents wanting to raise godly generations.

  10. 5 months ago

    Jaffar Tonda

    I enrolled my 1.5 year old son in day care as soon as I read this book. One year later, he has made tremendous progress in his development. I am grateful for the inspiration.

  11. 5 months ago

    Lydia Opio Mambule

    Decision points is a very practical,easy to read, relatable instruction manual on intentional parenting! It elaborates the importance of parenting as a calling from God and the sacrifices involved in nurturing our children to be wholesome individuals. A must read!

  12. 5 months ago


    Memoirs of a working mother not only makes for a good read, but it has loads of sound advise to parents. The book inspired me to be more intentional on how I parent, and influenced some of my parenting decisions.

  13. 5 months ago

    Diana Bena

    Esther is a captivating writer. She makes it easy for any working mother to see how to balance their job while making time for their children a priority. Its an easy read.Way to go Ese, proud of you!

  14. 5 months ago


    As a mother of three, after the Bible, this has been the most practical book that has aided me along my intentional parenting journey. Not only did Esther break down how to adequately prepare for the different stages of childhood but showed me how a working mother can beautifully navigate and balance the different roles and challenges of life. I absolutely recommend this as a must read!

  15. 5 months ago

    Wanyana Suzan

    Esther Katende’s book was an eye opener for me in many aspects. I wished it had been published much earlier when my children were much younger! After reading it, I prayed to God to give me another child so that I could do exactly what I learnt from therein and luckily, God being at the centre of it all answered my prayers and I will soon be a Mum again!!! Thanks for the inspiration Esther. For all the parents out there who have not read this book yet, I highly recommend that you do so.

  16. 5 months ago

    Gladys T

    Excellent resource for working mothers out there.

  17. 5 months ago

    Masawi Birungi

    This book comes highly recommended in a time where parents struggle to find the balance between parenting and hectic careers. Esther’s book provides the much needed direction on how to raise an all rounded child. A must read for any parent.

  18. 5 months ago

    Christine Sentongo Musoke

    This book is an amazing insight on how to be an intentional parent with God all steps of the way and your spouse too. Esther congratulations and may get to read part 2

  19. 5 months ago

    Prossy Namitala

    Oh wow…that is is a life changing book. It will not leave the reader the same.

  20. 5 months ago

    Eva Nantongo

    A must read book for all interested in raising disciplined, responsible, respectful, confident, exposed, resilient, God fearing children…..(the list is endless). Esther generously shares her intentional parenting tips, lessons learnt and resources used to inform her decisions. It is a great and practical book. Thank you Esther. We can’t wait for the 12+ book!

  21. 5 months ago

    Acen Louise

    As a first time mother, memoir of a working mother opened my mind to the benefits of intentional parenting, an understanding that raising children is a Devine assignment, being involved and part of my child’s life, instillin culture and family values, the different ways to discipline children 12 and below among others. I’m forever grateful to Esther for the knowledge impartation and recommend the book to every mother.

  22. 5 months ago

    Ronnie K

    I have the opportunity of engaging with Esther’s children. Indeed “Memoirs of a working mother by Esther Katende- Magezi” is their everyday life. A life of purpose and engaging these children to pursue their passions and develop life-long skills. This book is a must-read for any parent interested in raising their children with great values

  23. 5 months ago

    Rebecca Ikoona

    This is such an authentic book on parenting. It gives valuable insights and helpful tips on navigating through the highs and lows of this awesome journey of raising children God’s way. I highly recommend it to all parents as the material is both encouraging and instructive. Happy reading!

  24. 5 months ago

    Joy Mukisa

    A great book for mothers and parents with insights on intentional child upbringing. Thank you Esther for sharing your experiences.

  25. 5 months ago

    Doreen Anne Sembeguya

    Esther Katende’s Memoirs of a Working Mum is not a book filled with anecdotes on parenting but rather a very vital and practical child rearing tool that offers insightful guidance and wisdom on how to make the journey not just bearable but more importantly enjoyable. It is a practical tool for any one who knows and understands that raising children is a calling and ministry worthy of the deliberate measures and steps which this book so eloquently highlights.

  26. 5 months ago


    How can we leave a review on a book?

    1. 5 months ago

      CLC Kenya

      Esther, on the comments section at the bottom of your nominee page.

    2. 5 months ago

      Karen Nandagire

      Very inspiring book on parenting especially for us self employed mothers and to have the faith to dream and believe for international school system for our children.
      Its definately a life changing book

    3. 5 months ago

      Ronnie S

      Writings of a good mother. A must read for all parents. Check it out on amazon !

  27. 5 months ago

    Patricia Abbo

    Esther Katende Magezi, your book Memoirs of a working mother spoke to me at a point in my life when i most needed it. Thank you for sharing your experiences and the learning moments.

    1. 5 months ago

      Lawrence nambale

      It was a very interesting book which I found interesting very good book on parenting

  28. 5 months ago

    Marion Tibenderana

    Esther Katende Magezi’s book – Decision points memoirs of a working mother spoke to me. This book is a must read, it guided me make a weekly plan for my baby girls and I. God bless Esther. I pray this book sells out to all mothers out there. Marion

  29. 5 months ago

    Stanley Kawalya

    “Decision points: Memoir of a working mother by Esther Katende- Magezi” is by far the most practical book on parenting that I have ever read!

    The author uses her children as examples which readers can easily relate with. It offers good and relatable advice on parenting by working parents. Every working parent should pick up a copy.

  30. 5 months ago

    Joanne Katende

    This book really blessed me. I am not yet a parent, but it has a lot of insightful advice for training up kids in the way they should go, nurturing their gifts, discipline, balancing motherhood and a career, pros and cons of which school curriculum to enroll kids in. Priceless info from the heart of a mother. Definitely a must-read!

  31. 5 months ago

    CLC Kenya



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