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Thoughtful Paths   

Thoughtful Paths is a self help book that contains practical principles that will help us find and pursue purpose in life.

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  1. 4 weeks ago

    David Lut

    Inspirational and easy book to read. All the chapters are well written and thoroughly thought by the author. Keep going Barbara. The sky is the limit. Can’t wait for your second book. Keep up the good works.

  2. 1 month ago

    Nakamuli Betty

    This book is so inspirational, keep going Barbara, the sky is the limit.

  3. 1 month ago

    Nakiyingi Maggie

    So inspirational, thanks Lilian for the wonderful msg in your book. We have alot of hope in you. I didn’t know that you were such a good author. Can’t wait for the next book. God bless you.

  4. 1 month ago

    Jemba Chwa Lawrence

    The book is very insightful, educative and very helpful. It’s a book I have recommended to my family n close friends to read. Thanks Lillian

  5. 1 month ago


    Great job Lillian. It is Such an inspirational book. Thanks for sharing your life story while inspiring all of us to stay focused and not lose hope. Thank you.

  6. 3 months ago

    Joe Tabula

    The greatest gift that one can get is knowledge through this book, all answers towards a purposeful life are answered.
    Thank you for this book

  7. 3 months ago

    Allan Katumba

    Woow so proud of you Barbara, this book is very inspirational and encouraging

  8. 3 months ago

    Cathy Tabula

    Thoughtful Paths is a book that is geared towards helping us live a life of purpose. Worthy to read. Well done my girl I can see Tororo girls benefits. Love u.

  9. 3 months ago

    Ronnie Kaweesi

    The author’s story is candid, inspirational and touching. We keep looking forward for the next publication and sure Barbra is cooking….aluta continua👏👏

  10. 3 months ago

    Maram Mustapha

    It’s really inspires in so many ways. It shows us how we should be financially and emotionally independent. It also touches some people who find life as a challenging journey. Thank you Lilian as this touched me personally.

  11. 3 months ago

    Ronald Kanyike

    Very informative content!! Your nomination is very well deserving. Best of Luck woman!!

  12. 3 months ago


    Such a beautifully written book and so inspirational. Thank you

  13. 3 months ago

    Suzan Nagasha Akello

    Thank you for the good work and I am excited for you in this new journey. Keep up the good work. Cheers

  14. 3 months ago

    Esther Pedun

    Thank You Lilian for the Encouragement I received when I read your book, Thoughtful Paths

  15. 3 months ago

    Nabiila Nasanga

    Real, awe inspiring and captivating. Cannot wait to see what lies ahead for you Lillian

  16. 3 months ago

    Edmond kakuru

    Well done my dear Barbz, I’m so excited for you and thank you for this content.

  17. 3 months ago

    Rebecca Mubbala

    Thank you for teaching us to make decisions. Blessings

  18. 3 months ago

    Gabriel Owino

    Encouraging , inspirational and self help.

  19. 3 months ago

    Umar Waiswa

    I found a constant friend, a wise counselor and a patient teacher in the “Thoughtful paths” thank you Lillian Barbra N for this therapeutic write.

  20. 3 months ago

    Gabriel Owino

    Quite encouraging book

  21. 3 months ago


    Thank you Barbara for this wonderful book, Thoughtful Path. Very great and helpful content. Congratulations girl, your nomination is well deserved. Best of luck. But my vote is for Thoughtful Path.

  22. 3 months ago

    Ivan Nagaba

    Thanks so much Lillian. A life changing book. I have read it a couple of times and each time iam encouraged to keep going no matter the circumstances. I love reading the book, it’s really blessed me. The literature is easy to understand. God bless you Lilly.

  23. 3 months ago

    Derrick B

    Very Inspirational . Thank you Barbara for impacting lives through this book.

    1. 2 months ago

      Abdullah Kamoga

      This is an inspirational piece of work. Any youth growing up and especially young adults alike, as a must, should read, along their path. Thank you Barbara.

  24. 3 months ago

    Kawuma Timothy

    Thank you Barbara Lillian.This is such a beautiful read!!Has such practical tools to help youth and even adults thrive through personal crises to achieve greatness.!!

  25. 3 months ago

    James jackson

    Very informative and an easy read.

  26. 3 months ago

    Joseph kawooma

    You blessed me and told me keep loving in my marriage. God bless you

  27. 3 months ago

    Lilian Wanyama

    Thoughtful Paths by Liliian Barbra Nabwire, I read this book and learnt a lot from the literature. The most important thing I learnt is the power to make tough decisions in this life, because no one is going to do it for you. Thank you namesake, you touched my heart through this book.
    From your sister and friend.

  28. 3 months ago

    Barbra M

    Congratulations Barbra Lilian Nabwire on summarizing your life story and key lessons learned in your book Thoughtful Paths.

  29. 3 months ago

    Olinga Eric Osman

    Thought full paths by Lillian Barbwire is quite an optimistic encouragement book that gives you hope despite the hardships you may encounter in life and how you can overcome them for what we go through is more less the same.

  30. 3 months ago

    Rita Nyongyera

    This is such an insightful & relatable read! Very enjoyable. Well done, Lillian and looking forward to more works from you.

    1. 3 months ago

      Mugerwa Philip

      Very inspirational. Congratulations Lillian Barbra

    2. 3 months ago

      Mugerwa Philip

      Very inspirational. Congratulations Lillian Barbra

  31. 3 months ago

    Michael Douglas Mubiru

    I was motivated to pursue purpose

  32. 3 months ago


    It’s very inspirational and life changing

  33. 3 months ago



    1. 3 months ago

      Virginia Nampeera

      A must read to guide one through the path of life changing decisions. Amazing work Lillian


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