Destiny Achievers

Destiny Achievers brings to light what it takes to accomplish one’s purpose and ultimately fulfilling destiny. Many people fall off the path of destiny because they imagine that they can do it on their own. Don’t be fooled. Human wisdom can’t guarantee you a place in the heart of destiny. When challenges come, man’s wisdom will fail you big time- but God’s love won’t. His counsel beats all odds of life and ultimately usher you to the place of glory. Joshua Beti discusses at length the different battles every man of destiny encounters. This is in reference to the Ancient Biblical King David, whose tenure as the leader of Israel came with battles from all fronts. However before he was laid to rest, he had served God’s purpose in his time. If you are willing and obedient, just like David was, a man after God’s own heart, you too will achieve destiny. You will find answers to tough questions like these: -Am I really equal to the herculean task of fulfilling destiny? -Does my life really matter? -What is it going to take for me to pursue my purpose and fulfill destiny? You will be equipped in wisdom, knowledge, understanding and godly counsel to pursue your destiny relentlessly. You will come to terms with self, challenge yourself to be outstanding, and keep self in closet with God who got your lifeline story in His book of destiny.

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39 thoughts on “Destiny Achievers

  1. It one of the amazing books I have read in this season…It’s so timely, inspiring and Revelational. Congratulations 🥳🥳👏👏 Joshua!!
    Cheers to Many more books.

  2. What a great book this is, and quite timely. Congrats Minister Joshua, looking forward to many more of your books.

  3. This is wisdom of another level with brilliant,sober and clean mind.Wish my cleargy of faith can dig the inner dept of the intense heavenly download displayed in this book.God greatly bless you Pastor Josh and give you more insight for creativity to unveil mysteries for the glory of God.

  4. Congratulations Minister Joshua. May Destiny Achievers make a global impact for the glory of God! Thank you for allowing God to use you and bringing out the word in written form effectively.

  5. Destiny Achievers is not just a book, but life changing principles based on God’s word penned down by a heart so connected to God.Keep touching the world Josh

  6. So inspiring as we hear sound of the spirit ,whistle of the holyghost let heaven hear our voices of intercession & that every worshipper my have an encounter with this word. Spirit lead.

  7. Congratulations. The book is very inspiring. Many destinies will be unveiled through this book. You are a destiny achiever. Go for it. Shalom and God bless.

  8. Destiney achievers is an amazing book which encourages believers and the readers on how to live a purposeful life that glorifie God.I have read my copy and I urge more people to grab their copies too

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